Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Problems with Stag's and Doe's...

Am i happy that I'm having one? Yes actually i am. Am i absolutely thrilled that it's going to be held at our house? Not particularly, but that'll do pig. That'll do.

Having it at a hall would mean making less money, having to worry if you're going to make enough to cover the costs, and not even getting any cash for the alcohol. So i completely understand when the decision was made to have it at the house. We weren't planning on inviting hoards of people... just family, friends, and open to any family and friends that wanted to bring others. Not a big deal. Because at a hall, ya go ahead and invite anyone you can possibly think of, but at my house? Not gonna happen. I need to like and trust all these people enough to not turn it into an uncontrollable party full of people who might likely steal something, set furniture on fire, or put my cat in the microwave. (I have a rampant imagination mixed with a full glass o' worry.)

Now, my sister had a great idea to put an 'event' onto Facebook, and invite people that way. She left it open for others to invite guests so that my cousin Ljuba, Rob and myself could invite people off of our friends lists, and not just her own. Did we expect that maybe other guests would use the event page to invite a few of their friends? Of course. But for someone to assume that she could invite everyone on her facebook that i unfortunately went to high school with? Totally not cool.
Yes, i admit that i have a few "friends" on facebook that aren't really friends. These are people that I've been going to school with since kindergarten, are civil, and we happened to accept friendship requests out of curiosity to see what each other have been up to in the last 11 years. But are these people that I'd hang out with if given the chance? Nope. Are these people i even bother starting up conversations with when we happen to pass each other in a mall? Nope. So should they be invited to my Stag and Doe? Of course not.

I guess one of the main reasons I'm so incredibly mad right now, is because i can't understand why anyone would think this was a good idea. Changing my stag and doe into a miny little high school reunion!? Excuse me?! First of all, i hated high school. Did i have good times with the friends that i had? Yes i did. But the other 95% of the people there? Didn't care for. And guess what? I still don't. Secondly, I'm horrendously embarrassed. So here are all these people that i never bothered talking to in high school, or even loathed in high school, being invited to my stag and doe just to make money. Okay, so a party like this is mainly to make money for the couple getting married, i get that. And i appreciate that. But i have a hard time asking people for money, and I'd like to think that this is also for everyone to get together and have a good time as well. Not invite a bunch of now-strangers just so i can make as much money as possible while my dignity gets flushed down the drain. Definitely not cool.

The stupid thing is, none of this woulda happened if this person just wrote an email and said "Hey! Do you want me to invite a whole bunch of people from high school to your stag and doe?! Then it can be a high school reunion!" Because i would of given a gargantuan NO in response, and voila! Disaster averted! But no... Assuming and me? Don't mix. Because this is the 3rd assumption that Ashumption-Alots has made since i announced my engagement. "I can't wait for your wedding!!!!" Okay... did you GET an invite already!? Haven't made the guest list yet! "I can't wait for you shower! I'll bring this girl i know that's a sex guru like Dr. Sue Johansen!" Riiight.. and can you just imagine the look on my 70-something year old aunts face as the dildos get passed around!? And now it's "I just invited 20 some odd people to your stag and doe from high shool and I'm not even going to be there! How fun!" Oy.. Trouble with tribbles all right. Trouble with tribbles.
So, her only hope is that everyone she invited will be smart enough to say "Why in the world would i go to her stag and doe?!" and not show up. Why can't it be October 13th already?! This wedding stuff is really raking me across the coals. Not that i don't want to get married, but I'm just sick and tired. And Rob better not mess up, cause if i ever have to go through this again with another man, his balls are getting wrapped around his neck like a bow tie. Mmm ball sack bow ties... with a side o' chicken!

Off to pick up the boy...

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