Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hmm.. I think it's time for an update!

Man it's been a while since I've written on here! lol. I've been swamped. I'm holding a giveaway on my SassmowthDesigns blog (which everyone is free to enter!) so I've been trying to promote that by finding websites that list giveaways and such. Plus I've been trying to fill up my SassKatPhotography shop with as many pics as I can! Of course for the obvious reason of having stock to sell, but mainly because my good friend Tara recently bought a pic offa me to give to her boss. Her boss owns a restaurant here in Burlington, and likes to display work and promote local artists. Apparently the guy LOVED my photo, is displaying it in a prominent place in the restaurant, AND putting out a bunch of my business cards. (I made my own! hee hee) SO I want to make sure I have tons of pics for people to look through if they head over to my website. Now, I'm not expecting local peeps to be buying off Etsy and having me ship to them, that's just unfair! I've put the phone number and email on the business card, so they can just contact me that way if they want.

And yes, I did make my own business cards, for both shops. And why did I do that? Well, yes, some places will print you business cards for 40 bucks, but I don't really have 40 bucks. Plus you get 250. Now I could have just gone that route, BUT, since this isn't our permanent address (we'll be kicked out as soon as my parents return from overseas!) I didn't want to be left with a bunch of cards that has the wrong phone number on it. Technically could I have handed out 250 in 2 years? Of course. But then the wrong number's gonna be on there and that's possibly 250 people with the wrong information. Well, times 2, because I have 2 shops. But anyways, that's enough talk about that!

So what else can I talk about? Who knows. I'm dead tired and all I've been doing lately is promoting, listing, making cards and drawing more. And all of that is pretty exhausting! I clean here and there, which is also good. The other day I was forced to vacuum yet again because it was sunny and I could see a layer of dog hair and it was grossing me out.

Speaking of dog hair, well, not really the hair part, our pup is still on limited activity. Few more days to go! Hopefully he'll get "approved" to start going for walks again because he's driving me CRAZY. Apparently he had torn a ligament and his knee cap kept popping out. And if that keeps happening, he's gonna need surgery. And if I can't afford 40$ for business cards, I definitely can't afford surgery! He hasn't re-hurt it in the past week and a half, and even then when he did, it wasn't a huge production like it had been. He could put weight on it almost right away, as opposed to holding his left back leg up over his head for 10 minutes. It was tough seeing that he was in so much pain, but c'mon! Holding his back leg up over his head?! That was freakin' hilarious! Oh, I'm mean.

Alright, I'm gonna add pics into this puppy, take the dog for a pee, get the 3 garbage bags full of diabetic association donations ready, and start work on too many things! Oh and I'll have to eat at some point in there... can't forget that.

Have a great day everyone!