Monday, August 31, 2009


Could i look any more excited in this photo?!

I'm still so incredibly excited that i met the Soup Nazi! (His real name is Larry Thomas!) Went to the comic convention this past Saturday and even though there was Linda Hamilton, and Lou Ferrigno, ya.. i was excited about the soup nazi! While i was tempted to buy the ladle that he autographed (lol) i went for his pic instead, in which he signed it with his famous no soup for you saying. Got a pic taken with him too! But, i'll post in more than just his... here's who we saw:

Bruce Campbell sticking out his tongue. I got lots of shots of him because apparently Iain (sisters man) is obsessed with him. Huh. Okay.

Lou Ferrigno drinking a slushy! I got tons of pics of him for my sis. Even one from the side so you can see how much his muscles flex as he's signing autographs!

Walter Koenig (Chekov on original Star Trek) I only put the description of who he is, cause i for one didn't recognize him lol. But here he is relaxing!

EEEEE this guy creeps me out, Udo Kier. His eyes are so piercing, it's not even funny. My sis came with me when i went up to say hi and shake his hand.

There were many others, but i don't feel like continuing to put pictures up, i'm rather tired! Spent the better part of the day cleaning the house, then i did a blog on SassmowthDesigns, added photos to Facebook that i put up on my etsy site today, drew some Christmas cards (more cards that are inspired by my mom! They're a new line called "Have a SAFE and happy holiday season! hehe) Oh, and Leonard Nimoy was there, but we never saw him! All we saw at his seat was his lunch! Some crisp veggies, a sandwich and a bag of original Lays chips! I was very tempted to take a pic anyway with his name showing in the background with the title "Out to Lunch". Ah well. Okay, i'm off.

Have a great night kids!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Completely Sha-ocked!

And what am i shocked about? Well, whenever i go off my schedule, whether it be eating sched. or sleeping sched, my diabetes control flies out the window. High numbers off the usual charts and it continues to happen days after i go back to my regular schedule. But this past week, i went completely out of routine when my hubby went on overnight shifts. Do you think i could sleep? Of course not! (but i mainly blame the dog since he was whining ALL night without his "precious" there- yeesh) So when did i sleep? Well, from 330am to 4am, then took my thyroid pills, had a granola bar and a coffee, went back to sleep at 630am and slept until noon. That's what i did for 4 days, and my numbers were still perfect! Woo! How excited was i! And, well, completely SHA-ocked!

Hopefully this is a good sign. Lately i haven't had many problems with my numbers being too high - i've even been able to eat a few slices of pizza or a McDonald's mac snack wrap without passing out afterwards (although i'm trying not to eat those things often, cause i'm also trying to lose weight! And ya, pizza and mcpuke-alds aren't exactly the foods that help you do that!) I haven't been obsessing about the scales lately, which has helped in the mood department. Because there's nothing worse than working out a lot and eating healthy to see you didn't actually lose more than 0.9lbs that week. Can we say frustrating!? (Well, NOW i can. When i was a kid i would have pronounced it fwustwating.)

But enough about sugar and fat! Had a great conversation with the hubby the other week, and i'm sure you all want to know what it was (since from previous posts about our conversations probably sickened you). So, can't remember *exactly* how we got on the topic but... Rob said "I wonder if it would work if you farted in a Ziploc, closed it up, then smashed it really hard in people's faces if it would smell!" (yes, we have extremely intellectual conversations). To which i replied "Oh it would! Cause when i was a kid, i pulled down my pants and tooted into a mason jar of my moms that she used to make jam in, and put the lid on really fast. Then i waited! Then next day i opened the jar, and it still stunk!" Rob almost fell off the porch laughing. Once he had calmed down a bit (he almost threw up from laughing so hard) he asked why on earth i would even think to do something like that. Well, it was simple. We didn't have cable.

Of course this conversation has yet to die, because now Bill, Rob's boss (the one who likes to make fun of me!) can't stop thinking about it. Walked into the store the other day, and he walks up behind me and says "Excuse me miss, just wanted to let you know we have a great selection of mason jars down aisle 22 if you were interested". Very funny. He's getting a mason jar for Christmas with "Open me - Made with love and chili" written on it! Atleast i'm entertaining. And now they both have a new term to use over and over again.. "Smells like a fart in a jar!"


Updated my crafting blog again! I'm working on a new scarf - head on over to the other blog to check it out here - SassmowthDesigns . And since now i have 30 fans on my facebook fan page i was thinking of doing contests and such, but now that i've decided to do it, i'm having a total brain (jar) fart and i can't think of what to do for one! Ah well, it'll come to me eventually. Okay, been on here too long. Between Etsy and FB fan page and the other Blog, i'm getting pretty sick of the computer! Hehe...

Later peeps!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I have a new blog!!

Since i'm doing alot of etsy "community" shenanigans and meeting tons of new people, i figured i'd start a new blog that just entails crafts, projects and the like. That way, when i direct a fellow etsy artisan to my blog, they don't have to read a bunch of crap on dog poop before they get to my new projects.

So there ya have it kids! I'm NETWORKING! In this blog, i'll stop talking about my crochet and the like, and JUST have dog poop. Aren't you all so excited? I bet ya are! If you want to find out what i'm up to in the "business world" just head over here.

In other news, John and Kate (not plus 8) came over for a bbq with their adorable 18 month old boy James. We had a really great time, good food and lots of laughs! Especially when Kermit was chasing James around the living room, grabbed his t-shirt, pulled him down, and dragged him a few feet! Don't worry, James wasn't harmed, he thought it was pretty hilarious too!

Time to go already.. Have a good night peeps!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ze ball, iz a rolling

This is going to be a super quick post (so unlike me, i know!) but i finally put up some of my photography on etsy!! Woohoo!! I plan on putting up a bunch of photos every day or 2, until all my stock has been posted. Hopefully they're good enough to buy! I hafta say though, once printed, they look amazing! The colours are much more vibrant than what shows up on the computer screen! I'm so excited! And i just can't hide it!

Now that i've gotten flowers pretty much down pat (and mushrooms! for some reason we have a shit load of mushrooms!) i want to expand to buildings and other such subject matters. Plus i want to learn much more about my camera. Since i'm a visual learner, reading a dry manual doesn't seem to be helping me understand what the crap they're talking about. So, Friar bought me a dvd for my camera which visually goes through how to do absolutely everything my camera is capable of! I'm so excited again!

Okay, gonna fall asleep. It's been a productive and busy day. But i'll end it off with onna my fave pics i took. Again, you want it? You buy it! It can be found at my Etsy shop - there's a link at the side! Have a great night peeps!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Look up, waaaay up

Thanks to my ma'am, things are looking up! First, she made me realize something.

After reading my last blog, she called me up and said "I see you're getting frustrated not being able to find a job. But look at all your past jobs. What didn't you like about all of those?" So i thought about that for a minute. I hated retail in general, being a cashier, being treated like dirt by people who assumed they were better than me just because of where i worked. I either loathed the people i worked with (ie *Puke) but liked the job, enjoyed the people i worked with (ie *Misha's and *Smavey Smee - with exception to a choice few), but disliked the job, or after I had learned everything my job entailed, it got freakin' ass boring. Not to say I *hated* every job, but there were always problems. A lot of them were fun, I had a lot of really great customers which for the most part always overshadowed the jerks, but none of them were quite right. There was never a happy medium. When I was in retail, i longed for an office job. When I had an office job, I longed for retail. But what it came down to was, i still needed something challenging.

So then my mom asked me "So what job is truly going to make you happy?" I didn't have to think very long before i piped up with "Working for myself".

My mom told me once when i was a little girl, that I'd never be able to work for others. I questioned that, was a tad offended. Was I mean? Did i not listen? Did i not take direction well? Those words were always stuck in the back of my mind. What exactly did she mean? I was much too young to ever have a job when she said it to me. But job after job, task after task, i finally figured it out. No, i wasn't mean, yes i could listen, yes i could take direction very well. But i didn't agree with store policies. I constantly fought for change. I got frustrated with rules that didn't make sense. I quit over managers not caring about obvious discrepancies. When i could no longer trust what my managers said, I'd move on. To me, so many things in the work place just simply made no sense. And my parents agreed, that's right, they don't make sense. But that's the way it works. And you'll never change that.

My mom was right. Again.

"So then why are you bothering to find a job which you'll end up hating anyways? If working for yourself is going to make you happy, if that's what you really want to do beyond anything else, don't stress yourself out trying to work for other people. If you need money to print your pictures, or cards, or for supplies, I'll lend you the money for that. That's what's going to make you happy, so that's what you have to do."

How much do i love my mom? I couldn't even put it into words. And it brings me to tears that i have to wait until September on her next visit before i can hug her.

But mom, don't take that as you shouldn't have moved away!! :) I'm very proud of your accomplishments, and you did the right thing accepting the job overseas. Now on a lighter note, here's a pic of my mom getting stuck in a really small, fast closing doored elevator.

Love you Mominska!!