Saturday, August 15, 2009

I have a new blog!!

Since i'm doing alot of etsy "community" shenanigans and meeting tons of new people, i figured i'd start a new blog that just entails crafts, projects and the like. That way, when i direct a fellow etsy artisan to my blog, they don't have to read a bunch of crap on dog poop before they get to my new projects.

So there ya have it kids! I'm NETWORKING! In this blog, i'll stop talking about my crochet and the like, and JUST have dog poop. Aren't you all so excited? I bet ya are! If you want to find out what i'm up to in the "business world" just head over here.

In other news, John and Kate (not plus 8) came over for a bbq with their adorable 18 month old boy James. We had a really great time, good food and lots of laughs! Especially when Kermit was chasing James around the living room, grabbed his t-shirt, pulled him down, and dragged him a few feet! Don't worry, James wasn't harmed, he thought it was pretty hilarious too!

Time to go already.. Have a good night peeps!

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hdawnparratt said...

congrats on your new blog, have fun with it!!!