Thursday, August 27, 2009

Completely Sha-ocked!

And what am i shocked about? Well, whenever i go off my schedule, whether it be eating sched. or sleeping sched, my diabetes control flies out the window. High numbers off the usual charts and it continues to happen days after i go back to my regular schedule. But this past week, i went completely out of routine when my hubby went on overnight shifts. Do you think i could sleep? Of course not! (but i mainly blame the dog since he was whining ALL night without his "precious" there- yeesh) So when did i sleep? Well, from 330am to 4am, then took my thyroid pills, had a granola bar and a coffee, went back to sleep at 630am and slept until noon. That's what i did for 4 days, and my numbers were still perfect! Woo! How excited was i! And, well, completely SHA-ocked!

Hopefully this is a good sign. Lately i haven't had many problems with my numbers being too high - i've even been able to eat a few slices of pizza or a McDonald's mac snack wrap without passing out afterwards (although i'm trying not to eat those things often, cause i'm also trying to lose weight! And ya, pizza and mcpuke-alds aren't exactly the foods that help you do that!) I haven't been obsessing about the scales lately, which has helped in the mood department. Because there's nothing worse than working out a lot and eating healthy to see you didn't actually lose more than 0.9lbs that week. Can we say frustrating!? (Well, NOW i can. When i was a kid i would have pronounced it fwustwating.)

But enough about sugar and fat! Had a great conversation with the hubby the other week, and i'm sure you all want to know what it was (since from previous posts about our conversations probably sickened you). So, can't remember *exactly* how we got on the topic but... Rob said "I wonder if it would work if you farted in a Ziploc, closed it up, then smashed it really hard in people's faces if it would smell!" (yes, we have extremely intellectual conversations). To which i replied "Oh it would! Cause when i was a kid, i pulled down my pants and tooted into a mason jar of my moms that she used to make jam in, and put the lid on really fast. Then i waited! Then next day i opened the jar, and it still stunk!" Rob almost fell off the porch laughing. Once he had calmed down a bit (he almost threw up from laughing so hard) he asked why on earth i would even think to do something like that. Well, it was simple. We didn't have cable.

Of course this conversation has yet to die, because now Bill, Rob's boss (the one who likes to make fun of me!) can't stop thinking about it. Walked into the store the other day, and he walks up behind me and says "Excuse me miss, just wanted to let you know we have a great selection of mason jars down aisle 22 if you were interested". Very funny. He's getting a mason jar for Christmas with "Open me - Made with love and chili" written on it! Atleast i'm entertaining. And now they both have a new term to use over and over again.. "Smells like a fart in a jar!"


Updated my crafting blog again! I'm working on a new scarf - head on over to the other blog to check it out here - SassmowthDesigns . And since now i have 30 fans on my facebook fan page i was thinking of doing contests and such, but now that i've decided to do it, i'm having a total brain (jar) fart and i can't think of what to do for one! Ah well, it'll come to me eventually. Okay, been on here too long. Between Etsy and FB fan page and the other Blog, i'm getting pretty sick of the computer! Hehe...

Later peeps!

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