Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ze ball, iz a rolling

This is going to be a super quick post (so unlike me, i know!) but i finally put up some of my photography on etsy!! Woohoo!! I plan on putting up a bunch of photos every day or 2, until all my stock has been posted. Hopefully they're good enough to buy! I hafta say though, once printed, they look amazing! The colours are much more vibrant than what shows up on the computer screen! I'm so excited! And i just can't hide it!

Now that i've gotten flowers pretty much down pat (and mushrooms! for some reason we have a shit load of mushrooms!) i want to expand to buildings and other such subject matters. Plus i want to learn much more about my camera. Since i'm a visual learner, reading a dry manual doesn't seem to be helping me understand what the crap they're talking about. So, Friar bought me a dvd for my camera which visually goes through how to do absolutely everything my camera is capable of! I'm so excited again!

Okay, gonna fall asleep. It's been a productive and busy day. But i'll end it off with onna my fave pics i took. Again, you want it? You buy it! It can be found at my Etsy shop - there's a link at the side! Have a great night peeps!


Tanya said...

Gorgeous red poppy flower. Nice shot.

Ann said...

Hey Kathryn,

The photos are outstanding!

Teta Anna