Monday, August 31, 2009


Could i look any more excited in this photo?!

I'm still so incredibly excited that i met the Soup Nazi! (His real name is Larry Thomas!) Went to the comic convention this past Saturday and even though there was Linda Hamilton, and Lou Ferrigno, ya.. i was excited about the soup nazi! While i was tempted to buy the ladle that he autographed (lol) i went for his pic instead, in which he signed it with his famous no soup for you saying. Got a pic taken with him too! But, i'll post in more than just his... here's who we saw:

Bruce Campbell sticking out his tongue. I got lots of shots of him because apparently Iain (sisters man) is obsessed with him. Huh. Okay.

Lou Ferrigno drinking a slushy! I got tons of pics of him for my sis. Even one from the side so you can see how much his muscles flex as he's signing autographs!

Walter Koenig (Chekov on original Star Trek) I only put the description of who he is, cause i for one didn't recognize him lol. But here he is relaxing!

EEEEE this guy creeps me out, Udo Kier. His eyes are so piercing, it's not even funny. My sis came with me when i went up to say hi and shake his hand.

There were many others, but i don't feel like continuing to put pictures up, i'm rather tired! Spent the better part of the day cleaning the house, then i did a blog on SassmowthDesigns, added photos to Facebook that i put up on my etsy site today, drew some Christmas cards (more cards that are inspired by my mom! They're a new line called "Have a SAFE and happy holiday season! hehe) Oh, and Leonard Nimoy was there, but we never saw him! All we saw at his seat was his lunch! Some crisp veggies, a sandwich and a bag of original Lays chips! I was very tempted to take a pic anyway with his name showing in the background with the title "Out to Lunch". Ah well. Okay, i'm off.

Have a great night kids!

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