Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Goodbye sweet aroma control...

So... wake up the other morning to Rob yelling "Don't hit me in the face!" Usually when this happens, he's done something bad. (Not much different from the cat doing something bad and running up to you with wide eyes screaming his head off, as if pleading for you not to hit him when you finally notice the huge pile of half digested plant puke he's deposited on your pillow.) At least they're both honest!

I walk down the stairs and he runs in front of me into the kitchen in full defence mode. "It was stuck! It was stuck in the thing and i pulled lightly and it broke!" *sigh* There goes another coffee pot. BamBam has struck again. Thankfully we had gotten a bunch of Sears gift certificates from the wedding shower so we were able to actually afford a good coffee maker to save us from the $10 versions. And as much as i loved to laugh everytime i poured a cup, I love this coffee maker much, much more! We bought the titanium coated aluminum heavy duty coffee pot (Not really, but pretty close!) to prevent BamBams coffee pot breakage count to hopefully be put at rest with 2.

Here's our new beauty. First great thing about it? (besides being break free for hulk-like grips) is that it shuts off immediately after it's done brewing so you'll never leave the house again and have your heart skip a bit when you can't remember if you shut it off, and therefore cause your mind to race with all the minuscule opportunities for your house to go up in flames despite the fact that it's almost impossible. Secondly, there's no hot plate! (Which is the reason Bam says all the coffee pots break because they're constantly on a heating element) But then we have some of you thinking "How does the coffee stay hot?!" Because it's a thermal coffee pot. OOooaaaaooooh! And if you feel the need to have the coffee stay hotter longer (for all you idiots out there who own onna these puppies and complained on the web site that it doesn't stay hot long because none of you bothered to read the instructions to tell you that:) Fill the pot with hot water and leave in for a minute to warm up the pot first, then walla! Hotter coffee longer. But even without doing that, the coffee stays pretty hot for a long time. And if it's not hot anymore, that means it's no longer fresh anyways and you should be brewing a new pot, thank you very much. Next great thing?! Since it's a "should i stay or should i go" coffee maker, instead of putting the pot underneath there, you can put one or 2 travel mugs that come with it, and it'll fill 'em up. Plus there's a permanent coffee filter, so we no longer hafta buy those! And the coffee actually tastes so much better than aroma-control. Maybe i just never got the aroma levels right, but it sometimes had a slight chemically taste to it. Yummy. But of course i didn't even realize that until we got a GOOD coffee maker to compare tastes.

Now that I'm back to calm and relaxed because i can have coffee whenever i want again, (speaking of coffee, I'm gonna go brew up some lovin' right now!) I've been back to the grind of wedding plans. Everythings under control! Tied up most of the loose ends since just yesterday like ordering 20 POUNDS OF JELLYBEANS. Who orders 20 freakin' pounds of jelly beans?! Well, besides me i suppose. I already had a bag of test jelly beans.. oh wait, should i explain what the heck I'm needing jelly beans for first?? Might be a good idea...

This is a quick mock-up of our centrepieces. As you can see, there's jelly beans in there! Originally i was going to try to find the stones or glass to fill the vases, but at 4 bucks a bag, and needing 3 -4 bags per centerpiece? A-no thanks. (Our head table and parents table centrepieces are double the size of these ones, so alot more fill needed!) Rob and i were brainstorming about what to do when he splurts out "Jellybeans!" This boy is a jellybean fanatic, so much to the point that i have to be careful not to have them in the house often as he'll continue to eat them even after his teeth start hurting. After a few minutes of thinking about it, and then remembering I've seen the exact colour we needed in the Bulk Barn, i whole heartedly agreed. We're kooky anyways, so it was quite fitting that we have candy in our decorations!

I have to say though, i think i surprised the workers at the Bulk Barn when i walked into their store with a 1 pound bag and told them to times that by 20. At least i get a discount because i want so many, but man was i surprised that they didn't ask for a down payment! I guess they figured they could sell them anyways even if i don't pick them up?

So after ordering the jelly beans, i headed over to the dollar store and i found all the candles that i needed and couldn't find in any other store (well i could find them, but at 24 bucks a pop, i wasn't very keen on paying for them, and they were too big to steal. I might have been able to fit one in my purse at a time, but i woulda started getting obvious after the 6th one in a row!) I also made a stop into Party Packagers for a few more "ways to win the centerpieces" (and that's all the info you guys get!) and some disposable cameras that we're putting at every table. And just as a side note, we're numbering these cameras with the table numbers, so if for any reason someone feels like leaving with one, i WILL catch you and confiscate it! I'll go all CSI on yer ass!

Yesterday was busy, but i got alot done today too! Rob was working nights... Oh now hey, never talked about that. Rob switched Michael's stores to the Oakville location, where he is now a department manager! So his schedule is no longer 6-230. *sigh*. It's now all over the damn place, including every other weekend! Right now i hate it, but who knows, maybe i'll get used to it!! It makes my alone time seem sooo much longer when he doesn't start that early. So anyhoo, he was working nights tonite, which was great, because we had to head down to city hall for our marriage licence this morning. It ended up being a pretty funny experience because when she had asked us to check over the documents to make sure there were no errors, i noticed that she had put "Catholic" for Rob instead of "Baptist". Rob's like "oh ya, i guess she has to change that" and i'm all "Does it really matter though? I mean, it's the same God. It's not like you're a Buddist or something" Rob lost it a little and ducked his head under the counter. Which reminds me, on top of the counter? Were all these documents that you need to fill out for things like certificates or licences.. Well! I need a new birth certificate because mine's all ripped and crappy, and i pick up the sheet to fill out and it was like those flippin scary clown rags that they pull outta their mouths and it's really like 20 rags long in there! My eyes bugged and i'm like "whoa that's kinda long there" and the lady's lookin' at me like i'm an idiot. (which i admit i can be, but c'mon! It's a replacement card here! Do you seriously NEED my life story?! It's a *birth* certificate! Not a what you've done up to now since your birth certificate! Yeesh. But anyways, we got our licence. So there's no worries there. You can stop having those nightmares now mom about me forgetting to get one!!!

The other thing my mom can stop freaking out about is after getting our surprisingly pain free marriage licence, we walked on over to Brant Florists and ordered all our flowers! My mom's first question was "They can have them ready for your wedding?!?!" Yes, i realize it's only 13 days away, but c'mon. It's a bunch of flowers that you stick together and tie a bow around. If it took longer than 13 days, i'd wonder what the heck those women would be doing back there. Smokin' the flowers maybe. My mom's problem is she thinks everything needed to be done 6 months ago. "It'll take 6 months to get a dress!" "It'll take months for flowers!" I realize that she thought all these things from the recent weddings she's heard about that have bridezillas in them and how freaked out people got about getting things on time, but c'mon people! Be reasonable here. It's just one day. Take a pill. (That take a pill was NOT directed at my mom! She's been great i swear! Just a little iffy on my planning skills! Not that i can really blame her, she knows better than anyone that "procrastination" is my middle name. Unfortunately she had to shorten it to "Anne" on my birth certificate cause procrastination had too many letters.)

But yes, it's true, pretty much everything is done. Everyone should be nice and calm and relaxed right now! And i'm so excited cause i'm going to the hairdressers on Thursday! Yeah! I've had craps-a-lot-frizz hair for over a year nowso i can't wait for it to be all shiney and new! Well, not *new* but y'know... kinda new!

Alright, that's all for now! I'll no doubt be updating tomorrow night again because i'll have just crossed the border and it's ALWAYS a fun experience doing that! I'm not buying any bras this time though, so i wonder what we can say to embarrass the guy enough to let us go without question? Hmmm...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Love you like porkchops...

So the other night after Rob and I had gotten into bed, turned the lights off and kissed goodnight, he says to me "I love you". Now, this is nothing unusual, it's something that's said most every night, yet this time he added "Love you like pork chops!" For those of you who don't know Rob's incredible love of pork chops, it leans towards a Homer-esque obsession. At first I was actually quite flattered and thought it was quite humorous that he compared his love for me with the influence of food, so I quickly thought about how much I loved him. And I instinctively replied "I love you like ice cream!"

This turned into a bit of a debate. First Rob pointed out that it's obvious who's healthier for one another, but then stated "Ya but you can't always have ice cream!" What!? Hello?! Yes you can! So i reminded him of something I've been know to say on numerous occasions. "There's *always* room for ice cream!" We layed there in the dark giggling for a few minutes (just like we did last night, but that was because the cat was walking into the room to jump on the bed, and since his back claws click on the floor as he walks, Rob said "I'm picturing Mish wearing brown little leather shoes and an Armani suit!" We were both laughing so much the cat got pissed off with us shaking the bed and left.)

Our giggling had finally died down and Rob's attention was back on his old radio shows that he downloads to listen to at night. (Most of the times these radio shows don't bug me, but once he put on this horror one and he fell asleep immediately. Unfortunately i didn't, so i ended up laying awake to the shrieking pterodactyl creature that was attacking everyone. "SCREECH!" "AAAHH!" "SCREECH!!" "HELP!!" "SCREECH!" "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" He was never allowed to listen to horror again.) However, my attention was NOT on the radio show. I rolled over towards him and said "Hey... whenever you eat too many pork chops you feel sick!" The giggling went on for a while longer, causing the cat to jump off the bed out of sheer annoyance. (Possibly with ears back and his famous "poo face")

Rob contemplated for a few minutes and answered "Okay fine.. i love you like bologna! I'll eat it even when it's rainbow-ey in colour and smells a little off!" I know what you're all thinking, so yes, there's a story behind this one. One night Rob and i were driving home from work and he was going on how he's still not feeling good. For the past 3 days he had been feeling quite pukey and his constant washroom trips only consisted of pee from both sides. I then said how weird that was because i can always tell when the cat's not feeling well, he gets really sucky and sticks to me like glue, and he had been like that for the past few days, plus he had a bit of a fever. We both wondered how in the world he and the cat would be sick at the same time. So we got off that topic to figure out what the heck to have for dinner, since it was late and we didn't want something heavy, plus we didn't want to cook. Rob suggested sandwiches, so i changed lanes and started heading to the grocery store instead of home. He questioned where we were going. "Ultra mart. We don't have anything for sandwiches except bread" He answers "No, we have bologna!" "*sigh* Rob that shoulda been in the garbage long ago, we've had it in the fridge for a month!" He turns to me and says "No, it's fine! The cat and i were eating it 3 days ago!... OOooohhh!!!" *bing*!! The mystery of cat and man being sick at the same time? It was solved.

Since this bed time conversation, our "love you like food" discussion continues to be a focal point throughout the days. But it's taken a little twist. We have these little fly bug things i like to call the "sidewalk bugs". The ones that fly around together in a bunch and do so right on the sidewalk and once you walk through them they use you like a planet and apparently get sucked into your gravitational pull. Annoying little buggers. Anyhoo, since it's the end of the summer, they're all swarming to any lights and since some of our windows aren't sealed in any way (just panes of glass sitting flush to one another) they easily get in and then proceed to die on our bathroom counter. Rob is so incredibly mad about these bugs, it's actually quite funny. Since this happens at this house every year, it doesn't bother me. Cause it happens *every year*. Rob on the other hand, has never experienced this, therefore tries to come up with reasons why they're here so he can get rid of them. Well, that's not gonna happen. He's become so obsessed he'll sit on the front porch and wonder what their purpose in this life is. I tell him they're alive just to piss him off.

But today he really made me laugh. As he's walking inside after a smoke he yells "Bugs!!! I hate you like LIMA BEANS!"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Problems with Stag's and Doe's...

Am i happy that I'm having one? Yes actually i am. Am i absolutely thrilled that it's going to be held at our house? Not particularly, but that'll do pig. That'll do.

Having it at a hall would mean making less money, having to worry if you're going to make enough to cover the costs, and not even getting any cash for the alcohol. So i completely understand when the decision was made to have it at the house. We weren't planning on inviting hoards of people... just family, friends, and open to any family and friends that wanted to bring others. Not a big deal. Because at a hall, ya go ahead and invite anyone you can possibly think of, but at my house? Not gonna happen. I need to like and trust all these people enough to not turn it into an uncontrollable party full of people who might likely steal something, set furniture on fire, or put my cat in the microwave. (I have a rampant imagination mixed with a full glass o' worry.)

Now, my sister had a great idea to put an 'event' onto Facebook, and invite people that way. She left it open for others to invite guests so that my cousin Ljuba, Rob and myself could invite people off of our friends lists, and not just her own. Did we expect that maybe other guests would use the event page to invite a few of their friends? Of course. But for someone to assume that she could invite everyone on her facebook that i unfortunately went to high school with? Totally not cool.
Yes, i admit that i have a few "friends" on facebook that aren't really friends. These are people that I've been going to school with since kindergarten, are civil, and we happened to accept friendship requests out of curiosity to see what each other have been up to in the last 11 years. But are these people that I'd hang out with if given the chance? Nope. Are these people i even bother starting up conversations with when we happen to pass each other in a mall? Nope. So should they be invited to my Stag and Doe? Of course not.

I guess one of the main reasons I'm so incredibly mad right now, is because i can't understand why anyone would think this was a good idea. Changing my stag and doe into a miny little high school reunion!? Excuse me?! First of all, i hated high school. Did i have good times with the friends that i had? Yes i did. But the other 95% of the people there? Didn't care for. And guess what? I still don't. Secondly, I'm horrendously embarrassed. So here are all these people that i never bothered talking to in high school, or even loathed in high school, being invited to my stag and doe just to make money. Okay, so a party like this is mainly to make money for the couple getting married, i get that. And i appreciate that. But i have a hard time asking people for money, and I'd like to think that this is also for everyone to get together and have a good time as well. Not invite a bunch of now-strangers just so i can make as much money as possible while my dignity gets flushed down the drain. Definitely not cool.

The stupid thing is, none of this woulda happened if this person just wrote an email and said "Hey! Do you want me to invite a whole bunch of people from high school to your stag and doe?! Then it can be a high school reunion!" Because i would of given a gargantuan NO in response, and voila! Disaster averted! But no... Assuming and me? Don't mix. Because this is the 3rd assumption that Ashumption-Alots has made since i announced my engagement. "I can't wait for your wedding!!!!" Okay... did you GET an invite already!? Haven't made the guest list yet! "I can't wait for you shower! I'll bring this girl i know that's a sex guru like Dr. Sue Johansen!" Riiight.. and can you just imagine the look on my 70-something year old aunts face as the dildos get passed around!? And now it's "I just invited 20 some odd people to your stag and doe from high shool and I'm not even going to be there! How fun!" Oy.. Trouble with tribbles all right. Trouble with tribbles.
So, her only hope is that everyone she invited will be smart enough to say "Why in the world would i go to her stag and doe?!" and not show up. Why can't it be October 13th already?! This wedding stuff is really raking me across the coals. Not that i don't want to get married, but I'm just sick and tired. And Rob better not mess up, cause if i ever have to go through this again with another man, his balls are getting wrapped around his neck like a bow tie. Mmm ball sack bow ties... with a side o' chicken!

Off to pick up the boy...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Suckin' spiders outta curtains

And that's exactly what i did today. There was waaaay too many of them. My mom had gotten these sheer blind things that are layers of fabric... ya. The bugs love them. Me? Not so much. At least i can stick the long vacuum hoo thing in there and suck 'em all out, but the ones in the middle? Not gonna happen. I remember when i first suggested to my ma'am to vacuum the bugs out, so she starts wiping the sucker across the bugs on the *outside* of the fabric. Well hey, it tore the bugs apart, but the pieces don't exactly come *through*. The fabric is sheer. Not mesh. Nice try though mom!!

So the main reason for this post today, which is not to go over my bug issues (in which there was tons, especially when i removed the air conditioner), or to discuss how, like always, my cat always attempts to ruin everything. Like how when i finished vacuuming AND washing the floors, and i was admiring the cleanliness after everything was dry, he pukes twice all over them. I'm starting to understand why my parents always hated having cats. When you're the one vacuuming all their damn hair (and you can do that all day and STILL have a cat hair ass when you get up off the couch and he doesn't even sleep on it) and rubbing puke out of various fabrics, it's-a-not-so-fun. I love him, i do. But when he finally goes (of natural causes!!) i don't think I'll be acquiring another! I'm starting to loathe the cat hair-esk look I've been donning for the past few years. (how much do you wanna bet that when my parents read this their immediate reaction will be "it took you THIS LONG to get it?!?!.. sad i know!)

Hmm.. i guess i should start that last paragraph over again.

So the main reason for this post today is to show my mom all the wonderful shower gifts i got the other weekend. She's been asking me to describe things everyday on the phone so obviously she can't wait until October 8th to see them all in person. (plus by then I'll have to put it all away since our Stag and Doe -which is being held here- is happening on Oct 4th, and i don't want people to think all my stuff is a free for all since it's still all over the dining room).

Now lets attempt to put in these pics without messing up all the stuff I've written... le sigh. Here we go! These are the earrings my honey got me. I know it's fuzzy! My camera apparently only takes le-fuzz pics when the item I'm trying to capture is smaller than a bread box. The only way it *wouldn't* be fuzzy is if i took the picture a) not myself or b) by myself with go go gadget arms from across the room. Unfortunately I'm home all day by myself, and i don't have go go gadget arms (YET!). But if the pic was taken a little further away, my FACE would be in focus (i know what you're thinking... 'your *face* is larger than a bread box?!' ... yes. Yes it is.) But then you'd only see this tiny minuscule circular object attached to my ear and wouldn't have a clue that that's exactly what the focus of the picture is. So, diamonds are along the front of the circle, and then diamonds are inside along the back of the circle. At least in this pic you can see the sparklies. I like the sparklies. And here's the bracelet my honey got me. I know you see lots of sparklies, but no, not diamonds. Just twisted white gold in 3 strands. (Again fuzzy... but that's good, cause if it was in focus, that would mean my wrists are bigger than a bread box, and that would just be plain scary.)

Okay I'm getting annoyed, why pre tell is everything i write not only underlined but in ORANGE!? Seriously. I need help. But, since i have no clue how to fix it, (and if i fix it, the whole post would be wiped out, then I'd cry, throw my mouse cause at least in a tantrum state I'm not dumb enough to throw my laptop, and walk away never to finish another blog). SO! Above you'll see a whole bunch of really cool frames from a mix of different people. I swear i remember who gave me each one. Cause Shannon wrote it down for me. Thanks Shannon!

These... letters... are.. orange and underlined too. YEAH! Pretty!! (maybe if i like it, it'll go away.. that's what usually happens!) These are from a bunch of different people too, but i hafta say i remember that Rob's cousin Heather got us the monogrammed 'L' towels and was tremendously relieved when i told her that yes, I'm changing my last name to his.

Corning ware!! (holy crap IT WORKED!)

... dammit my orange letters are gone... so sad...

Rob's mom thought we'd like corning ware even though it wasn't on our registry. I LOVE HER!! I love corning ware!! It has lids! Plastic lids that i don't hafta transfer the food to another container, i can put it away in that! Very exciting! Why is this writing so small?!!?

This is amazing. My aunt Alice made it and i absolutely love the colours. It's a table runner and i hafta say... owning a table runner? Makes me feel like an adult. So does owning an umbrella and my mom got me onna those for my last birthday, so i was kinda already feeling like one. I guess it's about time i suppose! At least my umbrella's cool. It has a Van Gogh painting on it!

These are also from my aunt Alice and how much do i love these!? Candle holder leaves... tres cool. (although i for one am NOT tres cool, cause i just said tres cool. Right.. as my cousin would say, I'm a bit *touched*)

These match the kitchen EXACTLY. My Dad had decorated the walls in randomly patterned green, orange and yellow tiles. I have a feeling that when my parents come home in 3 years, my mom will be trying to yoink these. Underneath them, is a 3 piece cutting board set. Niiiice! All we have right now are those plastic ones that when you clean them with the scruffy side of the sponge, scruffy threads get stuck in the cut grooves and it kinda grosses me out.

I have fancy serving trays! (again, something to make me feel like an adult.. but serving trays mean that i should be inviting people over for dinner and lighting candles and drinking wine but ya... I'll think about it. Until then, I'll fill them with m&m's and gummi worms! HA!)

Ah yes.. when i stated that I'd be "Blowing this all the time" that was not only taken outta context immediately, but also written down. To be repeated. Just in case anyone didn't get it the first time.

Ah the answer ball! I should take it out and ask it a few questions. "Will people stop stressing out about my wedding?" 'Don't count on it' "Will i have a nice and relaxing wedding day?" 'Not a chance' "Will i trip and fall at some point during the ceremony?" 'Who are you kidding?! Of course'

So, i did get quite a few other things, so i apologize to anyone checking out this blog who attended the shower and don't see your gift lovingly posted. It's not cause i didn't like it! I loved everything. But i just can't fiddle with anymore dang pics. I've deleted i don't know how many pics and i don't even know how i managed to do it, so i obviously can't control myself enough not to do it again. I mean seriously, i started typing in orange underlined writing. Can ya blame me for not wanting to post anymore pics?!

Alright, back to swishing around my rice so i can make-a-some a-stir-fry.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Michael needs a new pair of pants...

In our opinion, we picked the best place to get married. One of my little cousins has siliac disease so he can't have any gluten in his food. All the other places we interviewed to have our reception replied with a "well.. we have vegetarian!" when asked if they cater to special needs meals such as gluten free. But when we asked the girl at Casablanca, she went on about their separate kitchen to prevent cross contamination, and their chef is actually the head chef for the siliac society. As well as being beautiful, amazing menu, great prices and excellent customer service, this was one of the top reasons we chose it.

While we've had quite a few setbacks in our wedding plans, causing us to be uncommunicative with our wedding planner Carissa, she still has stepped up to the plate and accommodated us for everything that we need, even at short noticed. So I've never had any complaints... until now. We couldn't figure out why so many people had been calling us today saying they couldn't get any rooms. When my mom had called this morning, they said they were only booked up 70%. So, without having to be a mathematician, that would mean there's 30% of the rooms left. Correct? Plus, we had 16 rooms blocked off as well. We finally had enough after Rob's sister called all upset because even though she had said my name and it's for our wedding, the guy at the counter, Michael, stated that there was no such name, and therefore, no rooms were booked off. That was when Rob decided to give a little call to try to sort all this mess out. And did he? I'd say yes. hehe. Now, i hafta say, Robs bark is worse than his bite. Hearing his voice on the phone and seeing him in person, it wouldn't be what you'd expect. But as calm as Rob has been through all the ups and downs with our wedding plans (which i won't be getting into at this time!), he kinda lost it. Now he wasn't mean, he was just very... assertive. He did stress to this Michael that he knew it wasn't his fault per se, but he has no problems in switching our wedding location at the last minute due to the fact that our guests (including wedding party and parents) couldn't get rooms. (Of course this isn't something we'd do, but it's nice to throw that threat out there!)

Even though i could barely hear the other side of the conversation, i knew by the tone in Michaels voice that yes, he was poopin' some bricks. He called us back 15 minutes later but when i answered the phone, all i got was dial tone. I'm guessing he lost his nerve! So i called back there, and there was no answer. Finally Michael called back again and was all flustered when he tried his best to explain that he was calling back to talk to the groom who he spoke to earlier about the problems with our guests getting rooms. He was quite relieved when i said to him that i was the bride, and he could speak to me about it. "Really!? *sigh*.. ok". From what i can figure, Michael is a little new and on his own at the front desk. He wasn't in the right screen, so it wasn't showing our reserved rooms. Nice. But, all is fixed now and there's shouldn't be any problems. I'm sure Michael will be giving excellent customer service to any of our guests that call whenever he's on duty, that's for sure. And I'm guessing as well that since i told him we'd be there this Wednesday to go over the last plans with Carissa, he'll be booking that day off.

Now we're back to calm and relaxed. I hate not being calmed and relaxed.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Waiting for my tan to dry...

And yes, it's true. Tan in a bottle - best invention ever! Of course I'm not going with the usual turn-your-skin-orange-n'-streaky version. Dove moisturizer with a hint of self tanner. And it doesn't reek like the jergens brand, so i don't leave stink lines when I'm prancing down the street. And why do i need it? Because my horrifically noticeable farmer tan lines will be magnified against my stark white wedding dress. Le sigh. I just wished i realized that at the start of the summer so i wouldn't have to slather myself endlessly one month before the big day!

Okay, so i had to interrupt this with a picture of my favourite coffee maker in the world. As the story goes, the day my daddoo was leaving to the Netherlands to join my mom, we were joking that as soon as he goes, the house was going to fall apart. And alas, as we were waiting for the airport taxi to get here, the coffee pot broke. So Rob and i were fretting about how to get a new one and since we couldn't find just the pot, we had to buy a whole new one. As we were searching around, we found this one, and i couldn't stop laughing so i bought it. Aroma control? What?! Is that just in case a guest stays over who can't stand the smell of coffee, you turn it right down? I hafta say, i still laugh every time i poor a cup.

Even though this little diddy makes a damn good cup of coffee, (and it was only 10$!) it's still not as good as a cup from Tim Hortons. (My sister just went over there to get me one... I love her!) What the heck makes Tim Hortons coffee so damn addictive!? Even when you buy the coffee to make at home, is still doesn't taste the same. (Maybe because they don't ever clean the machine?!) Who knows... Although i bet years down the road they're gonna discover that Timmie's is using cocaine laced coffee filters. It'll make SO much sense...

Back to the wedding! Yes, only 1 month to go. Everything seems to be going good, and i don't *think* I'm forgetting anything, but who knows. I refuse to get stressed out!! The most important thing is that Rob and I are getting married. In the end, who cares if something doesn't work. As long as we get a few good pics, and people have fun, that's all that matters.

But what the heck do i get Rob as a wedding present?! All he wants are comic books. (And now you're all thinking I'm marrying a gigantic geek!!) and all i can think of what he needs, is a nose hair trimmer. lol. A comic book and a nose hair trimmer. Nice. On second thought, *I* need a nose hair trimmer. Is that normal?! Do women trim their nose hairs!? Am i just extremely abnormal, or is this something that women just never talk about?! (Like how much their poop stinks!).

Not that anyone can tell, but i was just distracted from the lovely "hmmrrrrrgaaah! hmmmrrrgaaah!"sounds of my cat trying to puke
on my bed in the next room. Why he insists on puking on soft cushy surfaces is beyond me. Maybe just because he's a gigantically huge bastard and he knows full well it takes a lot more work to clean it up on fabric?! This pic is onna my faves though, cause it looks like it belongs on a dating service site. This is his sexy "look at my chest hair" pose. For all the ladies out there, he loves tuna, whipping his kitty litter around the bathroom, and humping stuffed animals - sometimes 2 at a time!

Alright well, i hafta get back to organizing... I figured I'd try to make it a goal to have the house in order before my parents got back in October. It didn't seem like a tough job, but i continuously get frustrated trying to think of where to put things, so the attempt usually ends with me getting upset, throwing things around and leaving the room. Maybe the coffee will help my mood!

Let the tantrum ensue...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

And so it begins...

Alright, since my Dad finally decided to start his, i figured I'd follow suit and start my Blog. I figured it would be easier and a lot cheaper to update them on a daily basis through a blog so we don't all go bankrupt calling the Netherlands for the next 3 years!

But alas, there's nothing important to update! Oh wait, Bab, if you're reading this, some chick named Ronald McDonald called for you from Scotia Bank. Okay, that's not her real name, but that's exactly what it sounded like, so obviously i started laughing and remembered the time Paul Bunion called and you asked me how his big blue ox was.

Rob and i have been getting most of the wedding plans done. Every once in a while someone mentions something that we've completely forgotten about (like our wedding rings), but other than that, everything seems to be on track. Should be a fun time! With the things we have planned, i don't think anyone will forget our wedding for a very long time. (The wedding party is surprising everyone with a flawlessly choreographed dance number to Michael Jackson's Thriller!)

Okay, next time i update, i promise to have something more worthwhile for everyone to read! But just so the parents know, the house is still in one piece. (despite being completely covered in cat hair, dead plants, cat puke, garbage, and bugs... okay I'm kidding! I swear!) I've been cleaning. And no, you don't have to have Magda sneak over to check on the house when we're not home, like last time you guys moved out!

And here's a fun tip: If you're worried about getting pulled over at the border because you bought way too much in the short time you were there, just tell the guy you bought bras! He'll go red and giggle and tell ya to go without a problem! Either that or confuse him with hugely long complicated stories, like my mom does :)