Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Suckin' spiders outta curtains

And that's exactly what i did today. There was waaaay too many of them. My mom had gotten these sheer blind things that are layers of fabric... ya. The bugs love them. Me? Not so much. At least i can stick the long vacuum hoo thing in there and suck 'em all out, but the ones in the middle? Not gonna happen. I remember when i first suggested to my ma'am to vacuum the bugs out, so she starts wiping the sucker across the bugs on the *outside* of the fabric. Well hey, it tore the bugs apart, but the pieces don't exactly come *through*. The fabric is sheer. Not mesh. Nice try though mom!!

So the main reason for this post today, which is not to go over my bug issues (in which there was tons, especially when i removed the air conditioner), or to discuss how, like always, my cat always attempts to ruin everything. Like how when i finished vacuuming AND washing the floors, and i was admiring the cleanliness after everything was dry, he pukes twice all over them. I'm starting to understand why my parents always hated having cats. When you're the one vacuuming all their damn hair (and you can do that all day and STILL have a cat hair ass when you get up off the couch and he doesn't even sleep on it) and rubbing puke out of various fabrics, it's-a-not-so-fun. I love him, i do. But when he finally goes (of natural causes!!) i don't think I'll be acquiring another! I'm starting to loathe the cat hair-esk look I've been donning for the past few years. (how much do you wanna bet that when my parents read this their immediate reaction will be "it took you THIS LONG to get it?!?!.. sad i know!)

Hmm.. i guess i should start that last paragraph over again.

So the main reason for this post today is to show my mom all the wonderful shower gifts i got the other weekend. She's been asking me to describe things everyday on the phone so obviously she can't wait until October 8th to see them all in person. (plus by then I'll have to put it all away since our Stag and Doe -which is being held here- is happening on Oct 4th, and i don't want people to think all my stuff is a free for all since it's still all over the dining room).

Now lets attempt to put in these pics without messing up all the stuff I've written... le sigh. Here we go! These are the earrings my honey got me. I know it's fuzzy! My camera apparently only takes le-fuzz pics when the item I'm trying to capture is smaller than a bread box. The only way it *wouldn't* be fuzzy is if i took the picture a) not myself or b) by myself with go go gadget arms from across the room. Unfortunately I'm home all day by myself, and i don't have go go gadget arms (YET!). But if the pic was taken a little further away, my FACE would be in focus (i know what you're thinking... 'your *face* is larger than a bread box?!' ... yes. Yes it is.) But then you'd only see this tiny minuscule circular object attached to my ear and wouldn't have a clue that that's exactly what the focus of the picture is. So, diamonds are along the front of the circle, and then diamonds are inside along the back of the circle. At least in this pic you can see the sparklies. I like the sparklies. And here's the bracelet my honey got me. I know you see lots of sparklies, but no, not diamonds. Just twisted white gold in 3 strands. (Again fuzzy... but that's good, cause if it was in focus, that would mean my wrists are bigger than a bread box, and that would just be plain scary.)

Okay I'm getting annoyed, why pre tell is everything i write not only underlined but in ORANGE!? Seriously. I need help. But, since i have no clue how to fix it, (and if i fix it, the whole post would be wiped out, then I'd cry, throw my mouse cause at least in a tantrum state I'm not dumb enough to throw my laptop, and walk away never to finish another blog). SO! Above you'll see a whole bunch of really cool frames from a mix of different people. I swear i remember who gave me each one. Cause Shannon wrote it down for me. Thanks Shannon!

These... letters... are.. orange and underlined too. YEAH! Pretty!! (maybe if i like it, it'll go away.. that's what usually happens!) These are from a bunch of different people too, but i hafta say i remember that Rob's cousin Heather got us the monogrammed 'L' towels and was tremendously relieved when i told her that yes, I'm changing my last name to his.

Corning ware!! (holy crap IT WORKED!)

... dammit my orange letters are gone... so sad...

Rob's mom thought we'd like corning ware even though it wasn't on our registry. I LOVE HER!! I love corning ware!! It has lids! Plastic lids that i don't hafta transfer the food to another container, i can put it away in that! Very exciting! Why is this writing so small?!!?

This is amazing. My aunt Alice made it and i absolutely love the colours. It's a table runner and i hafta say... owning a table runner? Makes me feel like an adult. So does owning an umbrella and my mom got me onna those for my last birthday, so i was kinda already feeling like one. I guess it's about time i suppose! At least my umbrella's cool. It has a Van Gogh painting on it!

These are also from my aunt Alice and how much do i love these!? Candle holder leaves... tres cool. (although i for one am NOT tres cool, cause i just said tres cool. Right.. as my cousin would say, I'm a bit *touched*)

These match the kitchen EXACTLY. My Dad had decorated the walls in randomly patterned green, orange and yellow tiles. I have a feeling that when my parents come home in 3 years, my mom will be trying to yoink these. Underneath them, is a 3 piece cutting board set. Niiiice! All we have right now are those plastic ones that when you clean them with the scruffy side of the sponge, scruffy threads get stuck in the cut grooves and it kinda grosses me out.

I have fancy serving trays! (again, something to make me feel like an adult.. but serving trays mean that i should be inviting people over for dinner and lighting candles and drinking wine but ya... I'll think about it. Until then, I'll fill them with m&m's and gummi worms! HA!)

Ah yes.. when i stated that I'd be "Blowing this all the time" that was not only taken outta context immediately, but also written down. To be repeated. Just in case anyone didn't get it the first time.

Ah the answer ball! I should take it out and ask it a few questions. "Will people stop stressing out about my wedding?" 'Don't count on it' "Will i have a nice and relaxing wedding day?" 'Not a chance' "Will i trip and fall at some point during the ceremony?" 'Who are you kidding?! Of course'

So, i did get quite a few other things, so i apologize to anyone checking out this blog who attended the shower and don't see your gift lovingly posted. It's not cause i didn't like it! I loved everything. But i just can't fiddle with anymore dang pics. I've deleted i don't know how many pics and i don't even know how i managed to do it, so i obviously can't control myself enough not to do it again. I mean seriously, i started typing in orange underlined writing. Can ya blame me for not wanting to post anymore pics?!

Alright, back to swishing around my rice so i can make-a-some a-stir-fry.


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