Friday, September 12, 2008

Waiting for my tan to dry...

And yes, it's true. Tan in a bottle - best invention ever! Of course I'm not going with the usual turn-your-skin-orange-n'-streaky version. Dove moisturizer with a hint of self tanner. And it doesn't reek like the jergens brand, so i don't leave stink lines when I'm prancing down the street. And why do i need it? Because my horrifically noticeable farmer tan lines will be magnified against my stark white wedding dress. Le sigh. I just wished i realized that at the start of the summer so i wouldn't have to slather myself endlessly one month before the big day!

Okay, so i had to interrupt this with a picture of my favourite coffee maker in the world. As the story goes, the day my daddoo was leaving to the Netherlands to join my mom, we were joking that as soon as he goes, the house was going to fall apart. And alas, as we were waiting for the airport taxi to get here, the coffee pot broke. So Rob and i were fretting about how to get a new one and since we couldn't find just the pot, we had to buy a whole new one. As we were searching around, we found this one, and i couldn't stop laughing so i bought it. Aroma control? What?! Is that just in case a guest stays over who can't stand the smell of coffee, you turn it right down? I hafta say, i still laugh every time i poor a cup.

Even though this little diddy makes a damn good cup of coffee, (and it was only 10$!) it's still not as good as a cup from Tim Hortons. (My sister just went over there to get me one... I love her!) What the heck makes Tim Hortons coffee so damn addictive!? Even when you buy the coffee to make at home, is still doesn't taste the same. (Maybe because they don't ever clean the machine?!) Who knows... Although i bet years down the road they're gonna discover that Timmie's is using cocaine laced coffee filters. It'll make SO much sense...

Back to the wedding! Yes, only 1 month to go. Everything seems to be going good, and i don't *think* I'm forgetting anything, but who knows. I refuse to get stressed out!! The most important thing is that Rob and I are getting married. In the end, who cares if something doesn't work. As long as we get a few good pics, and people have fun, that's all that matters.

But what the heck do i get Rob as a wedding present?! All he wants are comic books. (And now you're all thinking I'm marrying a gigantic geek!!) and all i can think of what he needs, is a nose hair trimmer. lol. A comic book and a nose hair trimmer. Nice. On second thought, *I* need a nose hair trimmer. Is that normal?! Do women trim their nose hairs!? Am i just extremely abnormal, or is this something that women just never talk about?! (Like how much their poop stinks!).

Not that anyone can tell, but i was just distracted from the lovely "hmmrrrrrgaaah! hmmmrrrgaaah!"sounds of my cat trying to puke
on my bed in the next room. Why he insists on puking on soft cushy surfaces is beyond me. Maybe just because he's a gigantically huge bastard and he knows full well it takes a lot more work to clean it up on fabric?! This pic is onna my faves though, cause it looks like it belongs on a dating service site. This is his sexy "look at my chest hair" pose. For all the ladies out there, he loves tuna, whipping his kitty litter around the bathroom, and humping stuffed animals - sometimes 2 at a time!

Alright well, i hafta get back to organizing... I figured I'd try to make it a goal to have the house in order before my parents got back in October. It didn't seem like a tough job, but i continuously get frustrated trying to think of where to put things, so the attempt usually ends with me getting upset, throwing things around and leaving the room. Maybe the coffee will help my mood!

Let the tantrum ensue...

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