Thursday, September 11, 2008

And so it begins...

Alright, since my Dad finally decided to start his, i figured I'd follow suit and start my Blog. I figured it would be easier and a lot cheaper to update them on a daily basis through a blog so we don't all go bankrupt calling the Netherlands for the next 3 years!

But alas, there's nothing important to update! Oh wait, Bab, if you're reading this, some chick named Ronald McDonald called for you from Scotia Bank. Okay, that's not her real name, but that's exactly what it sounded like, so obviously i started laughing and remembered the time Paul Bunion called and you asked me how his big blue ox was.

Rob and i have been getting most of the wedding plans done. Every once in a while someone mentions something that we've completely forgotten about (like our wedding rings), but other than that, everything seems to be on track. Should be a fun time! With the things we have planned, i don't think anyone will forget our wedding for a very long time. (The wedding party is surprising everyone with a flawlessly choreographed dance number to Michael Jackson's Thriller!)

Okay, next time i update, i promise to have something more worthwhile for everyone to read! But just so the parents know, the house is still in one piece. (despite being completely covered in cat hair, dead plants, cat puke, garbage, and bugs... okay I'm kidding! I swear!) I've been cleaning. And no, you don't have to have Magda sneak over to check on the house when we're not home, like last time you guys moved out!

And here's a fun tip: If you're worried about getting pulled over at the border because you bought way too much in the short time you were there, just tell the guy you bought bras! He'll go red and giggle and tell ya to go without a problem! Either that or confuse him with hugely long complicated stories, like my mom does :)

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