Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Goodbye sweet aroma control...

So... wake up the other morning to Rob yelling "Don't hit me in the face!" Usually when this happens, he's done something bad. (Not much different from the cat doing something bad and running up to you with wide eyes screaming his head off, as if pleading for you not to hit him when you finally notice the huge pile of half digested plant puke he's deposited on your pillow.) At least they're both honest!

I walk down the stairs and he runs in front of me into the kitchen in full defence mode. "It was stuck! It was stuck in the thing and i pulled lightly and it broke!" *sigh* There goes another coffee pot. BamBam has struck again. Thankfully we had gotten a bunch of Sears gift certificates from the wedding shower so we were able to actually afford a good coffee maker to save us from the $10 versions. And as much as i loved to laugh everytime i poured a cup, I love this coffee maker much, much more! We bought the titanium coated aluminum heavy duty coffee pot (Not really, but pretty close!) to prevent BamBams coffee pot breakage count to hopefully be put at rest with 2.

Here's our new beauty. First great thing about it? (besides being break free for hulk-like grips) is that it shuts off immediately after it's done brewing so you'll never leave the house again and have your heart skip a bit when you can't remember if you shut it off, and therefore cause your mind to race with all the minuscule opportunities for your house to go up in flames despite the fact that it's almost impossible. Secondly, there's no hot plate! (Which is the reason Bam says all the coffee pots break because they're constantly on a heating element) But then we have some of you thinking "How does the coffee stay hot?!" Because it's a thermal coffee pot. OOooaaaaooooh! And if you feel the need to have the coffee stay hotter longer (for all you idiots out there who own onna these puppies and complained on the web site that it doesn't stay hot long because none of you bothered to read the instructions to tell you that:) Fill the pot with hot water and leave in for a minute to warm up the pot first, then walla! Hotter coffee longer. But even without doing that, the coffee stays pretty hot for a long time. And if it's not hot anymore, that means it's no longer fresh anyways and you should be brewing a new pot, thank you very much. Next great thing?! Since it's a "should i stay or should i go" coffee maker, instead of putting the pot underneath there, you can put one or 2 travel mugs that come with it, and it'll fill 'em up. Plus there's a permanent coffee filter, so we no longer hafta buy those! And the coffee actually tastes so much better than aroma-control. Maybe i just never got the aroma levels right, but it sometimes had a slight chemically taste to it. Yummy. But of course i didn't even realize that until we got a GOOD coffee maker to compare tastes.

Now that I'm back to calm and relaxed because i can have coffee whenever i want again, (speaking of coffee, I'm gonna go brew up some lovin' right now!) I've been back to the grind of wedding plans. Everythings under control! Tied up most of the loose ends since just yesterday like ordering 20 POUNDS OF JELLYBEANS. Who orders 20 freakin' pounds of jelly beans?! Well, besides me i suppose. I already had a bag of test jelly beans.. oh wait, should i explain what the heck I'm needing jelly beans for first?? Might be a good idea...

This is a quick mock-up of our centrepieces. As you can see, there's jelly beans in there! Originally i was going to try to find the stones or glass to fill the vases, but at 4 bucks a bag, and needing 3 -4 bags per centerpiece? A-no thanks. (Our head table and parents table centrepieces are double the size of these ones, so alot more fill needed!) Rob and i were brainstorming about what to do when he splurts out "Jellybeans!" This boy is a jellybean fanatic, so much to the point that i have to be careful not to have them in the house often as he'll continue to eat them even after his teeth start hurting. After a few minutes of thinking about it, and then remembering I've seen the exact colour we needed in the Bulk Barn, i whole heartedly agreed. We're kooky anyways, so it was quite fitting that we have candy in our decorations!

I have to say though, i think i surprised the workers at the Bulk Barn when i walked into their store with a 1 pound bag and told them to times that by 20. At least i get a discount because i want so many, but man was i surprised that they didn't ask for a down payment! I guess they figured they could sell them anyways even if i don't pick them up?

So after ordering the jelly beans, i headed over to the dollar store and i found all the candles that i needed and couldn't find in any other store (well i could find them, but at 24 bucks a pop, i wasn't very keen on paying for them, and they were too big to steal. I might have been able to fit one in my purse at a time, but i woulda started getting obvious after the 6th one in a row!) I also made a stop into Party Packagers for a few more "ways to win the centerpieces" (and that's all the info you guys get!) and some disposable cameras that we're putting at every table. And just as a side note, we're numbering these cameras with the table numbers, so if for any reason someone feels like leaving with one, i WILL catch you and confiscate it! I'll go all CSI on yer ass!

Yesterday was busy, but i got alot done today too! Rob was working nights... Oh now hey, never talked about that. Rob switched Michael's stores to the Oakville location, where he is now a department manager! So his schedule is no longer 6-230. *sigh*. It's now all over the damn place, including every other weekend! Right now i hate it, but who knows, maybe i'll get used to it!! It makes my alone time seem sooo much longer when he doesn't start that early. So anyhoo, he was working nights tonite, which was great, because we had to head down to city hall for our marriage licence this morning. It ended up being a pretty funny experience because when she had asked us to check over the documents to make sure there were no errors, i noticed that she had put "Catholic" for Rob instead of "Baptist". Rob's like "oh ya, i guess she has to change that" and i'm all "Does it really matter though? I mean, it's the same God. It's not like you're a Buddist or something" Rob lost it a little and ducked his head under the counter. Which reminds me, on top of the counter? Were all these documents that you need to fill out for things like certificates or licences.. Well! I need a new birth certificate because mine's all ripped and crappy, and i pick up the sheet to fill out and it was like those flippin scary clown rags that they pull outta their mouths and it's really like 20 rags long in there! My eyes bugged and i'm like "whoa that's kinda long there" and the lady's lookin' at me like i'm an idiot. (which i admit i can be, but c'mon! It's a replacement card here! Do you seriously NEED my life story?! It's a *birth* certificate! Not a what you've done up to now since your birth certificate! Yeesh. But anyways, we got our licence. So there's no worries there. You can stop having those nightmares now mom about me forgetting to get one!!!

The other thing my mom can stop freaking out about is after getting our surprisingly pain free marriage licence, we walked on over to Brant Florists and ordered all our flowers! My mom's first question was "They can have them ready for your wedding?!?!" Yes, i realize it's only 13 days away, but c'mon. It's a bunch of flowers that you stick together and tie a bow around. If it took longer than 13 days, i'd wonder what the heck those women would be doing back there. Smokin' the flowers maybe. My mom's problem is she thinks everything needed to be done 6 months ago. "It'll take 6 months to get a dress!" "It'll take months for flowers!" I realize that she thought all these things from the recent weddings she's heard about that have bridezillas in them and how freaked out people got about getting things on time, but c'mon people! Be reasonable here. It's just one day. Take a pill. (That take a pill was NOT directed at my mom! She's been great i swear! Just a little iffy on my planning skills! Not that i can really blame her, she knows better than anyone that "procrastination" is my middle name. Unfortunately she had to shorten it to "Anne" on my birth certificate cause procrastination had too many letters.)

But yes, it's true, pretty much everything is done. Everyone should be nice and calm and relaxed right now! And i'm so excited cause i'm going to the hairdressers on Thursday! Yeah! I've had craps-a-lot-frizz hair for over a year nowso i can't wait for it to be all shiney and new! Well, not *new* but y'know... kinda new!

Alright, that's all for now! I'll no doubt be updating tomorrow night again because i'll have just crossed the border and it's ALWAYS a fun experience doing that! I'm not buying any bras this time though, so i wonder what we can say to embarrass the guy enough to let us go without question? Hmmm...


Anonymous said...

Hi K.
I like pork chops also thought you would like to know that.

Bob said...

The little dude might need to get his driver's license at some point.