Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Got some 'splainin' to do....

Yes, I've been on a bit of a hiatus since a few days before the inevitable Stag and Doe (Or "Such an End" as some drunk person, aka Ljuba, texts to people) and didn't really think it was a big deal until at my own wedding people were hustling me for updates. I actually had no clue that there were others besides my... husband (still getting used to that word) and parents that read it. (Oh and my cousin Blaine, whom after reading it wrote me a nice little email which said "When i thought i didn't have any more useless time to waste, you send me a link to your blog". I like to think he actually really enjoys it and was being sarcastic and/or trying to be funny. He *says* this is the case. But he may just be saying this to prevent getting a swift kick in the face)

Apparently since my daddoo, or 'fauschza' (that's supposed to be father in dutch since it was fitting with him moving to the Netherlands, and it was onna the best lines the goldfinger character in austin powers said, but i really wish i knew the *real* spelling) had put on his blog that he was following mine, quite a few people decided to check it out. But now the pressure is on! Before i didn't care if my blog's ended up being funny or interesting... Oy. It's already stressing me out - i need some more caffeine!

The Stag and Doe was actually alot of fun! We had a great crowd show up (and none of the "unwanteds" there who weren't supposed to be invited in the first place! ASHLEY!) and actually made alot of money! So it helped a lot since we used that cash for the photographer and hairdresser for the wedding. The above pic is of onna the best guys in the world makin' his amazing meatballs and way-too-hot-for-me-but-totally-fantastic chili! (I did attempt to eat some, but after feeling how hot it was going down, it scared the crap outta me to have that same feeling coming out, so i stopped after a few bites and fed the rest to Rob instead!) Bateman is the man!

Onna the big draws to our Stag and Doe was the chance to throw a pie at Rob! And how you may ask, did the future groom get talked into this? Well, he found out when he read it on the ticket. He was a good sport though, especially when Bateman brought him an orange jumpsuit to wear that had "Lil' Irish" written on it, for him to wear during the pie throw. (and don't worry Lil' Irish, Rob washed it immediately so there's no need to come to our house and beat him for gettin' pie on it! - and for those of you who don't know, Bateman works at a jail. So it was actually somebody's jumpsuit, not one you buy at a costume shop!) In the beginning, I thought my sister (pictured above joyously filling pie shells with pudding) was doing a draw that people put tickets in to win a chance at throwing 1 pie at Rob. But no. It was $10 a pie, and 16 pies. They sold out pretty fast. The first buyer? Rob's mom.

She did a pretty good job i hafta say! Everyone kept asking me if i was going to throw one and well... i have to sleep in the same bed with this guy. If i were to throw a pie at him, I'd be liable to wake up one morning covered in a homemade poopoo pie care of my loving husband. He's evil that way. But atleast i know about it already, and not *after* we had gotten married! So it's okay!

There were tons of prizes and raffles, such as this lovely beer bucket shown above. Bateman won this one, as well as 2 others (personally i think he enjoyed the spa bucket with it's exfoliants and wonderfully fragrant lotions the most!) but the best was when Rob's mom won the alcohol bucket! She danced around for a good 10 minutes. The ironic win though, was when my cousin Mets won back what she donated as a prize. (One of the regift type deals!) We all just couldn't understand why in the world she put a ticket in that raffle in the first place! Apparently she just figured 'what the hell'. So this teaches us all a very good lesson, no? When you say "what the hell", step back a minute and think about this a little more!

Now, i wish i had a pic of my cousin Blaine, because he was at the Stag and Doe, yet isn't in any pics that i have (same with at the wedding, but in the next couple of posts i'll let ya know why there was a huge time slot without him! HA!) But i have quite an amusing story with him... Y'know when you have younger cousins and you just kinda keep them at the same age even though you've gotten older? Like my cousin Annie for example, to me she's still 17, but really she's 24. So it still shocks me when i see her drinking and partying and i'm all "what are you doing?! you're 17!!" Anyhoo, apparently Blaine does the same thing. The Stag and Doe happened to be on the same day as Rob's birthday... his 40th birthday. So Blaine's standing there with a beer laughin' and enjoying the stories when all of a sudden, someone blurts out "and it's Rob's 40th birthday today!". Out of the corner of my eye, i did see Blaines expression turn to one of shock and confusion, but i was drinking quite heavily myself and didn't make any kind of connections. So the night continues..

In the morning, Rob, Blaine and i are standing around in the kitchen, drinking coffee and cleaning up a bit (since my daddoo was on his way home that afternoon) and Rob leaves the room for a minute. As soon as he does, Blaine turns to me and goes "HOW OLD ARE YOU!?" I look at him weird and say "31. Why?" He does this huge sigh and says "I thought you were still like, 23, and then i heard it was Rob's 40th birthday and i was thinking 'oh my god! what is she doing with this guy!? Why don't Bob and Gabe have a problem with this?! *gasp* I have 8 days to stop the wedding!!'" I haven't laughed that much in a looong time lemme tell ya! Ain't it sweet though, cousin Blainey wanted to beat the crap outta my fiance. Oh ya, still makin' me laugh.

So even though i was fretting a little bit with the Such an End, it was a good time had by all. My sister Dana and cousin Ljuba did a fantastico job in the planning of it all. Alot of people didn't leave at the correct time slot and stayed in the basement (Dana and Iain's apartment) until the wee hours of morning. Which was to be completely expected, but the noise level was a bit much for Rob and at 3 in the morning was forced to go down there and just remind the bunch that the 2 of us would be getting up really early to clean before the fauschza came home, and we needed some sleep. My sister's response? "My parents LIED! They said they could never hear anything when we were down here!!" She was so drunk off her ass it was hilarious.

Alright, that's enough updating for now, but tomorrow i'll be back with the next chapter of "Got some 'splainin' to do"...

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