Saturday, September 13, 2008

Michael needs a new pair of pants...

In our opinion, we picked the best place to get married. One of my little cousins has siliac disease so he can't have any gluten in his food. All the other places we interviewed to have our reception replied with a "well.. we have vegetarian!" when asked if they cater to special needs meals such as gluten free. But when we asked the girl at Casablanca, she went on about their separate kitchen to prevent cross contamination, and their chef is actually the head chef for the siliac society. As well as being beautiful, amazing menu, great prices and excellent customer service, this was one of the top reasons we chose it.

While we've had quite a few setbacks in our wedding plans, causing us to be uncommunicative with our wedding planner Carissa, she still has stepped up to the plate and accommodated us for everything that we need, even at short noticed. So I've never had any complaints... until now. We couldn't figure out why so many people had been calling us today saying they couldn't get any rooms. When my mom had called this morning, they said they were only booked up 70%. So, without having to be a mathematician, that would mean there's 30% of the rooms left. Correct? Plus, we had 16 rooms blocked off as well. We finally had enough after Rob's sister called all upset because even though she had said my name and it's for our wedding, the guy at the counter, Michael, stated that there was no such name, and therefore, no rooms were booked off. That was when Rob decided to give a little call to try to sort all this mess out. And did he? I'd say yes. hehe. Now, i hafta say, Robs bark is worse than his bite. Hearing his voice on the phone and seeing him in person, it wouldn't be what you'd expect. But as calm as Rob has been through all the ups and downs with our wedding plans (which i won't be getting into at this time!), he kinda lost it. Now he wasn't mean, he was just very... assertive. He did stress to this Michael that he knew it wasn't his fault per se, but he has no problems in switching our wedding location at the last minute due to the fact that our guests (including wedding party and parents) couldn't get rooms. (Of course this isn't something we'd do, but it's nice to throw that threat out there!)

Even though i could barely hear the other side of the conversation, i knew by the tone in Michaels voice that yes, he was poopin' some bricks. He called us back 15 minutes later but when i answered the phone, all i got was dial tone. I'm guessing he lost his nerve! So i called back there, and there was no answer. Finally Michael called back again and was all flustered when he tried his best to explain that he was calling back to talk to the groom who he spoke to earlier about the problems with our guests getting rooms. He was quite relieved when i said to him that i was the bride, and he could speak to me about it. "Really!? *sigh*.. ok". From what i can figure, Michael is a little new and on his own at the front desk. He wasn't in the right screen, so it wasn't showing our reserved rooms. Nice. But, all is fixed now and there's shouldn't be any problems. I'm sure Michael will be giving excellent customer service to any of our guests that call whenever he's on duty, that's for sure. And I'm guessing as well that since i told him we'd be there this Wednesday to go over the last plans with Carissa, he'll be booking that day off.

Now we're back to calm and relaxed. I hate not being calmed and relaxed.

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