Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soup Nazi revisited

Well, not really. Just that Kermit had some issues with what was coming out his rear end. More like a stew then a soup really. Poor guy, lifting his leg up to pee and soup shoots out his bum and all over his leg. He seemed a little embarrassed on the long walk back home... Hadda get Rob to come out and hose him down for me before we went back in the house!

BUT, he seems to have evened out pretty good, with a tip from Robs sis Becca (she's a vet tech). So the secret to getting dogs poo soup to go back to poo logs? Pumpkin! We got the canned pumpkin (no sugar added of course) and mixed some up with vanilla yogurt, and he ate that right up. Had a light orange beard afterwards which was amusing.

We don't know exactly what caused it, BUT it could have just been all the excitement. One day we went to Fort Erie to visit Rob's parents, and took him with us, so he was playing with their dog Spanky for hours on end. The very next day it was the dog park with Ljub and his favourite "girlfriend" Elby, the next day it was a car ride to Becca's in Etobicoke (a car ride in which he puked during - first time ever) and played with Zeek, and not so much played with gettin-the-grumps Tyson. After that ride he *started* getting a little "through the eye of a needle" poops. (I'm sure you're all excited hearing about this... ) But the next morning he *seemed* to be back to normal, but it was just an overnight buildup cork. Because then we brought him to Robs sister Shannon's house to play with Diesel, who he had never met yet. So in 4 days, he saw ALL his friends and got all wound up each time. So we're thinkin, that's what it may have been. OR he just ate some poop of someone else's.

But i was segueing here, because i wanted to add in photos of Kermit's first meeting with Diesel. HILARIOUS! .. Let's take a look see shall we?...

Okay, PLEASE do yourself a favour, click on the picture, and look at their faces close up. I can't stop laughing.

And again. Diesel's expression is priceless.

Aw ain't they cute, drinking water together?

And all I'll say about this pic is, Ya.. I'd run too.

So basically in a nut shell, I've spent the last couple of weeks with Rob at home, playing with dogs, driving too much, and cleaning up soupy poodoo. But, interesting little tidbit here... So on Thursday, (i think it was Thursday.. all my days blend!) While i was talking to my Daddoo in the Netherlands, i watched a young lady walking up the driveway (with some scruffy lanky boy at the end of the driveway with his bike) and she's carrying a clipboard. Well, she rang the doorbell and let's just say, i don't answer the door to strangers that carry clipboards, because it always involves money, and i ain't got any! PLUS i was on the phone with my daddoo! So i ignored the door. Watched her walk back down, pick up her bike and the 2 took off down the street. (Things happen from then until this next part, but i won't bore you with them.. mainly involves eating dinner)

So took Kermit out to pee, walked back up the front stairs, looked at my smokes that are sitting on the windowsill tempting me to have one, but kept on walking. Brought the dog in, went in the kitchen to get a glass of water, and the doorbell rings. So I open the door while holding back Kermit, as he loves to jump *through* the screen door to lick some faces, and its the young girl again with her clipboard binder thing. She says all sweetly "HI! I'm collecting for the MS Society!" and before she could continue i said "I'm really sorry, but i donate to other charities through other venues" Meaning i DON'T give money out to people who show up on my doorstep. So she snottily closes her binder, bitchily says "thank you" and i shut the door. I go back in the kitchen to grab my water, i walk out the front door, notices she's gone, sit down on the front step, went to grab my smokes and well.. they weren't there. I thought for a second that *maybe* i brought them inside and didn't notice, but no. I knew i had taken the dog out no longer than 6 minutes previous and they were there. That little bitch stole them! So y'know what, I'm thinking, not a huge deal, because it's just a pack of smokes. BUT on the other hand, it is a huge deal, because this person is collecting for a charity, and if this person can steal things off peoples properties, can they be trusted collecting money? So, Rob picked up the phone and called the MS society, and got an answering service. He left our number, said what happened, and we pretty much forgot about it.

Well... This morning i wasn't home because i hadda drive my sis to the go station (she got dropped off at the Burlington Go by Iain, he left, she was notified the trains weren't running out of Burlington cause someone was hit by the train between here and Bronte) so she bussed it back home, i dropped her off at Oakville, when i got back i walked the dog... and again none of this is very important to the story, but i have an issue with tangents. I can't stop making them. Anyhoo! So i missed a phone call back from the MS Society. They want Rob to call back, because guess what? They don't HAVE anyone collecting for them!! OOooooh the plot thickens!! But no worries, I'll keep everyone posted on the outcome of this little shenanigan. Of course, you may have to search through a whole crap load of tangents to get to it, but i promise it'll be in there somewhere.

Alright, off i go! Hope you enjoyed the pics, and you didn't go cross eyed reading all this crap.
Have a great day everyone!


Laura said...

So, I have to say you have amazing pictures. What camera did you use?

p.s. Love the dogs!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!