Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Okay so I've been so busy "etsying" that i completely forgot to update this blog! Between emails, blogging on SassmowthDesigns, forums, listing, creating, colouring, brainstorming, I've neglected a few things! But, any regular followers on this blog shouldn't be too surprised that that happens to me lol. Especially if i say "I'll be back soon!".

Let's see, what's new?! Well, Kermit started dog training classes. I was horrified the first day thinking that he'd be the worst one there, and distract all the other dogs. Yup, figured we'd be kicked out for sure. But! I was pleasantly surprised. He's actually one of the smarter dogs there, but that just means he gets bored very quickly and tries to play with the St. Bernard beside him lol. We've been getting lots of "homework" with him, and it's going fairly well. We just have to work on his getting distracted constantly. Apparently everything at the store is far more exciting than we are.

Oh! I attempted to take photos of the moon the other night, cause it looked so damn cool - but i didn't have time to grab the tripod. So it's a pattern of: deep breath, hold it, snap the picture, continue to hold breath, turn blue, shutter closes and finally breath out and spend a minute catching your breath.

Well, Rob thought he could do a better job at it. Here's his attempt.

He sneezed. Good one honey!

In other news, i fell down the stairs last Monday! Yup, 5 am, and there I am sliding down the stairs towards my husband while he's putting on his shoes. Luckily he heard me comin' and leapt outta the way before i landed on him. How funny would that have been. Me and my "Chris Farly'd" husband laying at the bottom of the stairs until an un-unGodly hour when everyone else got up. Woulda been shits and giggles kids! Shits and giggles.

So i guess i can use that as another excuse to my absence. Walking - i can do. Standing, ya that's fine too. Laying down? Well, in certain positions. But sitting? Oy, ya that's not fun. Currently it feels like I'm sitting on a golfball graciously positioned at the top of my buttcrack. Last week, ya that couldn't even be done, any pressure on my tailbone sent me yelping into the air, but now, not so bad. Getting up on the other hand is another story. I'm like an 88 year old man grunting and groaning, trying to get my footing before standing upright. And you should see me getting out of the car! Yeesh. First of all, takes me atleast 5 minutes. Driving is a pretty amusing sight to see, since i have to have the car seat at a tad over 90 degree angle so I'm leaning forward, has to be almost all the way back so my legs are stretched forward, and i have to be leaning inwards so most of my weight is on my right buttcheek. Yup. I get the stares. And I stare right back dammit!

In etsy news, still desperately trying to think of a shop name for my photography. I desperately want to split the shops, but figuring out a name is driving me crazy. I want something original. I want something professional. I want something humourous. And all those things combined makes it extremely difficult. When i type in "sassmowth" into google, ALL i get is my stuff. Of course it does the "did you mean sassmoUth" and i say loudly everytime "NOOOooooOOO i did NOT mean sassmoooouuuuuuuth! Thank you very much!" Great thing about using a different spelling means you have a better chance of finding your stuff. BUT a different spelling also means people will forever be spelling your shop name the *correct* way, and never finding you. (Do you know how many emails i haven't gotten because of this?!) So that's why I'm not naming my shop SassmowthPhotography.

Things that I have come up with so far: Crosseyed Photography, PoorHouse Photography, (and thanks to my daddoo) Wandering Eye photography. (just so we're all clear - i *have* a wandering eye. And I'm poor. So that's the reason for these names being the first to mind!) But, can you believe wandering eye photography is already a photography shop? geez. So is crosseyed AND poor house. I've been trying to find tweaks on photo related words (EyesWideShutter - already taken! ShutterYourMouth - already taken! I think i should give up on "shutter") But to no avail. Then i read an interesting forum on etsy about how people came up with their shop name. I'm like ooh hey, maybe I'll get some ideas of what i can use. So a lot of people were talking about using their name "meaning" for their shop. So i was like, cool, I'll type in my name for the "meaning" and i got "VIRGINAL". There we go. That'll do. Yup. Sounds great.

So i will continue to brainstorm. And drive myself crazy.

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Car Farm Creations said...

So sorry, you got hurt. Hopefully you won't be walking like your 88 'til your 88 hehe.

Names are hard. I found this lovely link...http://www.behindthename.com/name/katherine name isn't spelt the same i know but at least it isn't virginal.
Your name should be spunky and full of character. I have no ideas.