Friday, October 23, 2009

Okay, I'm really laughing now!

I was just fooling around in my 'sitemeter' this morning, seeing how people are finding my blogs. Now, the SassmowthDesign blog is being found mainly by where it's posted - Facebook, Etsy, Twitter, and a hoard of other advertising sites that I've recently signed up on. But I have just as many people (sometimes MORE) visiting this blog. (obviously not as many "followers", but more views and visits - which by the way, i really have to ask a question here at the risk of going off on yet another tangent... what the crap is the difference between a page "view" and a page "visit"???) Anyhoo, like I was saying, was fooling around with site meter this morning. Normally I look at the "By Location" because it totally interests me that I have visitors from Greece, Brazil, Australia, Iraq.. It boggles my mind sometimes, and it's just too cool. People on the other side of the world are readin' about little ol' me! Anyhoo, recently I've been a little more concerned with the *how* they're finding me instead of *where* they're coming from.

Once I noticed that someone found my blog by searching this in google "How to get a dog poo stain out of a silk shirt" Oh I laughed for a few days. But this morning, I clicked on the site meter link that says "By entry page" which would basically tell me which post or how they found my blog. Y'know which blog post I'm getting the most hits on? Like an astounding amount? Like 80% of my views?

Goiter?! Who said anything about a goiter?!

Yup. Isn't this lovely? Seriously, I'm most known for the fact that I have a freakin' GOITER! I thought being found by typing in "dog poo" was amusing! But seriously now. 80%!? 80% of people are finding my blog because they're typing "goiter" into google, and apparently, I'm near the top of the list. Lover-ly.

Just thought I'd pop in to let everyone know that! Back to finding out what #FF means in twitter, because I'm a little dim and have no clue what all these short forms are.

Later kids!


CanArtisan said...

#FF is follow friday lingo :)

Paula Gale said...

your comments about how people find you are so hilarious - and I didn't find you by looking for either - tee hee... my blog hopping was via something to do with WOYWW - or Whats on your workdesk Wednesday - i'm an avid WOYWWer... and noticed you sa'd you'd be joining in... a sure fire way to get more people coming over for a visit!! Good luck with your business ventures

Paula x x x