Friday, February 20, 2009

Times a-flyin' by!

............................ Look PA! I'm gettin' better with the camera!!

Okay, so i've been working on a new blog for apparently 3 weeks now! I keep adding to it and changing it and low and behold, it's 3 weeks later! Yikes.

So i figured i'd just do some quick updates until i get around to the other post, which is a long-y but a good-y, and alot about the past-y so it's taking alot of thinking, and as we all know, thinking can hurt sometimes.

I've been meaning to post some pics so my parents can know what exactly goes on in the house when other dogs stop over for a visit. So first, we have Rob's parents new puppy (the boston terrier) named Spanky. (The Scotty - Mackenzie - isn't into playing. Too much of a stubborn bitch for that! So she just observes and rolls her eyes accordingly)

And even though Spanky is only 8 weeks old, she certainly holds her own. But how excited was Kermit that he had a *smaller* dog to play with where he could be mostly dominant!

Don't worry mom, it looks like they're trying to kill eachother, but they're not. No injuries to date! And now here's where Kermit really has fun. With his "cousin" Elby (actually L.B. which stands for Little Bugger!) And they play like this for.. well, until we stop them. So far we've let them go for a little over an hour. And it's literally non-stop, except when they both run to the kitchen for a drink. (Which most of the water drips back *out* of their mouths and ends up on my floors which i'm forever cleaning. Oy)

Now, the next one will show that yes, Kermit sometimes has the upper hand - but it never lasts long. At first mom was a little worried that these 2 were going to "do it" and make weird ass looking puppies. Yes, they're both not fixed yet, since they're both underage (a month apart - and while we're at it, 40 pounds apart), but we'd have to hold Kermit up in order for him to reach. Plus he is apparently very confused, because while he actually does hump her, he's doing her *face*. So really.. nothing to worry about.

Alright so there's the dog update. But wait, one more goofy one for the hell of it. (Kermit loves the camera.. atleast i think he does. One day he just might bite my face for taking so many pics of him)

Alright so, on to other things. Went to the bank today and made more investments!! Had a good talk with our *financial advisor* (Woo! I'm an adult!) and got another GIC in the global market for a 3 year plan. Good stuff. Also inquired about Small Business banking for when i'm ready to make the leap into my one of many business ideas. Sucks that i need alot of money first to make the product (Of which i DO NOT have) in order to make money selling it.

Alright off i go, need to work on the Avon!


Ash said...

Those dogs are so freaking cute Kat!

Becca55 said...

Wow your puppy looks alot like mine when she was a pupp, she is a lab, pit mix same brindle and white color as yours, I was trying to find the button to follow your blog but its hiding... I will have to put up some pictures of my Kahlua when she was a puppy, its so weird how close they look(ed)! TOO CUTE!!!

Kat said...

Hey Becca! Okay so i've been trying to comment on YOUR blog but the word verification thing isnt working, so until it is, i can't post it :)
And your follow button isn't hiding, so i clicked on it!

Not Your Average Mom said...

business ideas? Please share...I am very intersted in what you have come up with!! strange items of the crochet persuasion perhaps? Or decorating with jellybeans? Please share, please share!!
Love T