Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Want FREE stuff?! Contest starts September 3rd!

Hey all!

Yes, I'm having my very first contest! I've posted all the details to my shop blog SassmowthDesigns so head on over there to check it out! I didn't want to leave anyone out, I know i have a few fellow etsians following this blog (so go check out my other one!) BUT this contest is NOT just for etsy artisans! It's open to everyone! So, any followers on this blog, head on over to follow my other one, and read all about how to get lots of entries into my contest! The winner will receive one free photo (of their choice!) PLUS free shipping!

Very exciting... so, check out the contest, gather your entries, and you could WIN one photo from my etsy site! Here's some examples of what could be very soon be hanging on your wall! (or a friends or families wall! These are perfect to give as a present!)

So go on over and check out the contest! It officially starts September 3rd, 8am EST (BUT i won't discount your entry if you do it right now!!)
Good luck everyone!


Joe Griffith said...

I love FREE stuff thanks for this site

daharja said...

I just wanted to say that the fungi photo is beautiful :-)