Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crochet or not crochet? That's not really a question, 'cause I'm gonna do it anyway

What to say, what to say. I have no clue! All I've been doing of late is crocheting... (is that a word, or is the plural of crochet crochet, like moose is moose.. although I'd call more than one moose meece cause I'm just strange that way)

With my etsy, I've had lots of views of my wares, but still no sales. I'm thinking (read as: hoping) the reason being is I'm new and have no feedback, therefore people don't trust me! I wouldn't trust me either.. I'm kidding, seriously. At the age of 5 I accidentally stole a piece of licorice from the candy store because my impatient sister was yelling at me to hurry up, so i rushed out with it still in my hand. I couldn't sleep for days, finally bursting out crying to the man behind the counter that i had stolen a 5cent piece of licorice and he laughed and said it was something he would have given me for free anyways. I got a lot of free candy 'cause i was apparently really cute (in an odd, cross eyed, red cheeked, messy hair and dirty face kinda way). So really, how can you NOT trust someone that looks like this?

Now that I'm done with that tangent (and most likely on to my next)... So I'm thinking I'm going to have to purchase something from someone else on Etsy to get some positive feedback and then walla! I'll have some sales. D'ya think it'll work?! We'll see i suppose. I thought for sure my duster mitts would sell. Anyone want some duster mitts?? They're not only cute, they work really well! Funny story that is... Making these duster mitts, taking quite a long time because as per usual i think of something to make that's completely different from any pattern i may have. So i make it up along the way. (remembering to write down key points so i can make them again e.g. how many chains i started with, when i increased and decreased.. before i realized i should do this, ya, it was barrels of fun making another one to match the first! yeesh) Anyhoo, so I'm on my third pair of duster mitts when something hits me... will they work at dusting or just smear it around?! So i threw my crochet(ting) down, ran upstairs to grab a spare square using the same yarn and dusted our room furiously. And lemme tell ya, that was quite a good test as i hadn't dusted our side tables since... hmm.. don't remember. Let's just say there was a hell of alotta dust, and these puppies picked it all up!

Thing that sometimes pisses me off is while I'm feverishly crochet(ting? now see that sounds right) one thing, in my head I'm thinking of something different and new to do (which I'll most likely have to make up) and then i either a) can't wait to finish what I'm doing so i can start the project, or even worse b) finish it, but not completely - no ends tied in and things of the sort- and start on the new thing. I have so many not completes in my pile that it's driving me crazy. So today i sat down and tried to rectify the problem.

Okay I'm laughing, because i almost wrote "rectify the building". Probably because words that start with "rec" make me laugh and remember that time in high school whilst on a field trip to Waterloo University. Our bus pulled into the parking lot and as it sped through the driveway i caught a glimpse of the sign and said aghast "RECTAL BUILDING!?". It was this point in time that my old friend Gab sighed, plunked her head into her hands and said "Kat... it's RECITAL building". Whoops. And yes, I can read... i just tend to misread. Often.

Alright enough nonsense for today kids! Bake to Hork.


Bob said...

Hey! That's MY "bake to hork"....not sure I gave you permission there Missy!


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