Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I finally Poka-my-head-out

Hey, has anyone else noticed that whenever i say something like "I'll be back in a couple days!" or "back tomorrow!" or even "back soon!", it takes flippin' forever for me to write again?! Yeesh.. maybe i should stop saying that.

So, this part is LOOOONG over due. I received an award from Margaret over at Margaret's Ramblings and I'm supposed to pass it on to 3 other bloggers! (Sorry for my tardiness Margaret!!)

Now, I'd love to give it right back to Margaret, since she deserves many many awards, but since she already has this one, I'll have to give her a different one! (but I'm not gonna say when, because as we're all aware, i have no concept of time)

First award goes to... Well, i might be a tad biased here, since it's my Daddoo's blog! But it makes me laugh every single time, plus it's informative as well!The blog is called The Caretaker Chronicles and it's all about the madcap life of a previous caretaker in Canada, now living in The Netherlands !

Secondly... Ashley at Ash Illustrations. She's an absolutely amazing artist and a great person to boot. She also has a shop on Etsy (which is linked on her blog) so you can check out all her work, and maybe even purchase something if you so fancy!

And third, but certainly not least, Diana over at Scale Junkie. She's an absolutely wonderful woman who's trying to lose weight, putting it all out there for all the fellow bloggers trying to reach the same goal. She's a true inspiration and has already helped so many bloggers by sharing recipes, strategies and just down right bearing her soul. Her blog has become a community of support, motivation and again, inspiration. Big virtual hugs for Diana!

Okay, so more apologies for that taking so dang long.

Too much to update though.. running out of time. But here's a bit on the down low. (That probably doesn't make sense right there, but it sounded cool at the time)

Parents came home for 2 weeks (so the previous 2 weeks were chock full of cleaning and renovating a bathroom!)
Had an 80's party that ended up with dancing in the street... pictures to follow!
and... wow, that's not much. BUT i do now have items up on my etsy site!! The link's at the side, so check it out! Woo hoo! Now I play the waiting game... for orders that is.

Going a little early, but off to pick up the hubby!!!


Bob said...

Um Ok.... thanks for the award! I'll mention it to the "Ma'am". I just would like to point out one tiny little detail...
While we are in fact heading for the U.K. this evening. Um, how shall I put this? I've never actually been there before.
Proof read my dear, proof read.

I'm just sayin'.

Ze Fawzha

Kathryn Lantz said...

Alright smart ass, i changed it!!! :)

Scale Junkie said...

You are so sweet! Thank you so much, you made my day!