Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flowers flowers everywhere

So this'll just be a short one, i just wanted to hop on here and show the ma'am pictures of the flowers around the house that may not still be alive by the time the parents make it back in June. I couldn't take pics of the dead tree or the plum tree because there's yet more construction at the corner of the house, and i didn't want the guys to think i was taking pics of them. Maybe tomorrow...

Oh and 3 others i took that i find funny....

Okay so, this is a stain that is on our front porch. We have no clue what it was from, but hey, it's a heart. And it just won't go away.

I always find Kermit funny and he was getting quite frustrated with me when i was taking this. He wasn't understanding what i wanted of him.

Guess what this picture is titled?!?! HA ha ha ha... Oh ya.. good times. I didn't put the actual title on the pic, but if you click on it to enlarge, it *may* give you a clue. This is so getting printed and framed. Too funny... It goes along with other kitchen pictures I've been taking that i can't put up here, because well... our sense of humour has quite a large range, so there are some people who may be offended.

Alright off i go, back to painting the wild west. Hopefully today i will FINALLY be finished. I'll take lots of pics of those too once they've had their final seal.

Have a great day everyone!! Oh and Bab, Nikon called, and who has rug burn!?

1 comment:

Bob said...

Wow...what a happy looking couple. Youza.

so...did Nikon actually say anything? I only know they have the camera 'cause of the tracking number thingy.
Rug burn=Monique.