Friday, May 1, 2009

The bird bird bird, the bird is the word.

Look who's back! Well, besides me. This is the 5th attempt at a nest by these morning doves that come back *every* year and build a nest in the same *stupid* place. At the top of the pillar outside our front door there's a ledge. And that said ledge is seeked out year after year by these same morning doves. And year after year, the wind whips around the pillar and blows down the nest and/or egg that happens to be up there. Obviously these morning doves haven't clued in yet that this isn't a good place to settle in. I personally feel bad, since more than once a year there's been a smashed egg on our front stoop. But then i think, maybe since these doves are so stupid, they really shouldn't procreate.

As for my absence... As much as i loved the fact that i was now on the pills, it took quite a while for my body to get used to the new meds. The mere thought of sitting down at a computer and moving my fingers was absolutely exhausting. And on top of that i spent most of the 2 1/2 weeks in the bathroom. I won't indulge on that subject... you're welcome.

When i was starting to feel better, i had to get real busy since there was so many projects i had on the go that i *really* needed to work on and pretty much lost almost 3 weeks. I cleaned, organized, cut wood, painted, stamped and in the process moved my computer back up to the craft room where it should be, therefore out of sight and out of mind. It's amazing how much work you can accomplish when the laptop isn't sitting there staring at you longingly from the dining room.

So now I'll quickly backtrack to the latest happenings in my madcap life. (and just so you're "in the know", i say *madcap* in a way that's dripping with sarcasm)

Easter. Took tons of pictures so the parents could somewhat feel like they didn't miss much! I'll include a few here, because I just have to say again and again how much i love my new camera. A few of them were taken 3 houses away from where the kids were running, yet with my new spiffy zoom lens, it looks like I'm alot closer! Woo!

Rob with Elby. But he's petting her, not choking her. Just realized it looked like that!

Izzy emptying out the lions "body fluid".

Carmen and Jonah playing hide and seek (3 houses down!!!)

Jonah with his helicopter which he kept aiming at the girls when they were in the tree.

Rudy and his plane... these things kept the kids entertained all day!

Brenna attempting to strangle her sister.

Okay, you might wonder why i posted the last pic, but it makes me laugh so much because of the "creepy" guy staring out the screen door. He's not really creepy, just my uncle Phil wondering what's going on.

There was actually over 100 photos i took that day, but i figured that's too many to add in a blog. And i actually refrained from showing all the pics of Kermit!! But wait, I can't do that... he's too cute.

Speaking of Kermit... (as i usually am), he's now fixed!! But there's a story to that. (As there usually is). So we have a vet that I've been taking my cats too (and still take Misha to) for years, but they're across town and there is a vet down the street from us that my cousin takes Elby to, and we figured, what the heck. They're so close, we've heard good things, let's just go there. Things were fine until it was almost time for Kermit to get his junk removed. During his growth spurt (going from 8lbs to 14lbs in one month) he was diagnosed with a heart murmur. Which most puppies have. They only heard it when he was *really* excited. We thought, meh, no biggie. It's obviously not affecting his growth any, and as i already stated, alot of puppies have heart murmurs. So it was a month before we had to get him fixed, and the vet says "Now it's a very dangerous procedure to have with a heart murmur, so before we do the surgery, we should have an ultra sound, and blood work done." We're like oookay, didn't think it was a huge deal, but alright. Ya.. ultra sounds cost upwards of $700. And the blood work they wanted done? Up to $200. Uh, excuse me? That on top of the cost of surgery!? C'mon now, it's not like we were top execs that filed for bankruptcy and paid ourselves millions of dollars here. (who, by the way, thought that was a brilliant idea?!) Anyways. So ya, we decided that if it came to that, we just wouldn't get him fixed because the way they were talking, it was extremely dangerous for him, so we weren't going to risk it by having surgery.

I called my original vet. Told her the situation and she suggested i bring Kermit in. First of all, Kermit was so incredibly hyper since he was in a new place that we couldn't even keep him on the table. So the vet actually had to sit on the floor with him in a headlock to hear his heart. Her diagnosis? Can't even hear a heart murmur, and if they only heard it when he was excited, well, this was as excited as he was ever gonna be. (and how shocked was the vet when she said she was going to attempt to take a pic of him for her files and he actually stopped being crazy, sat down, closed his mouth and posed for the camera. Do i take too many pictures of him y'think??)

So in conclusion... we switched vets and Kermit's ping pongs were successfully taken out. And it didn't even cost us $300! Puh.. And THEN i found out that getting an ultrasound for a pet in the Netherlands is only 20 Euros!!! It woulda been cheaper to ship Kermit to my parents and gotten one done there! Albeit he may not have survived the shipping, and then there's the quarantine issues, but still! That's pretty pathetic.

Alright, before i talk more about Kermit and waste more of the morning typing instead of painting, I'm gonna go! But before i do, Thanks so much to all of you who commented on my blog and most of all to David for making me a "Post of the day"! It was quite an honour, and i do apologize that i couldn't reply to you all, but know i appreciate your support, kind words and advice! And welcome to my 2 new followers! Wow, people who aren't in my family following my blog!

Okay, back to painting the "old west". I'll post pics of that when I'm done! It's pretty nifty if i do say so myself. I'll be back soon!

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