Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mominska Day!

Okay so yes, this is a day late. I didn't get a chance to talk to my ma'am yesterday 'cause we were down in Fort Erie for pretty much all of it. I didn't get a headache so therefore it was a good visit.

But to make it up to my ma'am, I'm sending her a virtual bouquet!! Well, not really a bouquet, but more pictures of the flowers around her house!

I know i already posted a pic of this one, but alas, this one's better.

The white lilacs are starting to bloom.

And here's our plum tree... we have yet to have the usual every year the plum tree blooms huge wind storm so all the buds are still there!

And i found these little diddy's at the side of the house hidden by foliage!

And now for something not so pretty. The tree... is nearly dead. It does have some buds on it, but not nearly as much as the others. So here's some views of what it looks like - and it really astounds us that with all the crazy wind we have been getting lately, that it's still standing.

Our only hope is that when we finally do cut down this tree, all the birds and insects that it houses doesn't take refuge in the house instead. Hmm...

You might wonder why there's a spoon sitting outside. So was i.

And look who's back! Ug... sooooo sick of the construction. They've presently torn up our street again in order to repave it. Can't wait. And lemme guess, right when i need to leave the house to pick up Rob, *that's* when they'll start to pave and i won't be able to exit my driveway.

On Saturday we had another busy day (so this weekend was pretty much shot when it came to actually relaxing) as it was Chloe's 4th birthday. It was a good time had by all, but i have to say i haven't seen *that* many presents in a really long time. It was nuts. Becca has asked me to take lots of pics since her camera battery died, and lemme tell ya my arms were sore. But i got a few really good pics, so here's a bit of a show...

So we got Chloe a birthday hat that looks like a floppy cake. It was pretty hilarious.

Okay, can i just ask, WHO gives a 4 year old 2 huge bags of chips, a bunch of chocolate bars and chubby pops?!?! Seriously.

Okay yes, a huge box of smarties that's almost the same size as her, that's acceptable and here's why. 1) It was from her 10 year old sister, and 2) It's funny.

Here she's holding out her hands waiting for her surprise present. A new bike!

And this one just makes me laugh. Just about to blow out the candles. (There was actually one lit in between the sparklers)

You may wonder who this kid is. This is Robs cousin (the *bad* kid) But I've been assured that he's alot better than he was before. Okay. Anyways, i couldn't help but notice how much he looks like Rob and I was informed by Rob's aunt Lilly that yes, spitting image of him when he was a kid. Including the look on his face. My hubby was a bad kid too apparently. But i kinda figured he was since he chooses his bars of soap according to taste.

Alright well, off i go. I know, not very substantial, but hey. I've got things to do. But, i will be posting one more blog right after this one. "For your entertainment". Rob and I decided that once a week we'll take a funny or interesting pic. And now for our first instalment.. hehehe...

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Bob said...

Holy Bird Sanctuary Batman!
Do we just cut off all the limbs and leave a totem pole standing for the wildlife? Might be best to get my pest control buddy in to kill off whatever has chewed away the inside of the thing before we cut it down.