Thursday, March 5, 2009

All Aboard! The Diabetes train of thought

All i can say is - No wonder so many diabetics have heart disease.

Yes, i realize there are much worse ailments one can have other than diabetes. But can i still complain about how annoying it is?

I don't mind watching everything i eat, and moderating and mixing and making sure i have everything i need in a meal. The only time it gets really tough of course is when you have no money and the only food you have in the house consists of everything you can't have.

Breakfast is the worst. I always ate a relatively healthy breakfast - heart healthy that is. Either yogurt with fibre cereal mixed in or whole grainey good for you toast with peanut butter. Now that i have diabetes, these aren't the best choices in the world. The best choice though - with keeping my sugar levels ultra low - is eggs, toast, cheese, cucumber slices and preferably a greasy meat like bacon or sausage. Oh goody! Can i have a side of heart attack with that!?

I do try to have eggs atleast 3 times a week, but everyday? I can just picture my husband calling the house repeatedly a half hour after i was supposed to pick him up while i lay dead on the floor after having a massive coronary. (My only hope is that the animals wouldn't have started eating my face in their attempt to wake me up by the time someone finds me.)

I guess i'll forever be shades of grey since i can no longer add colour by drinking a gigantic glass of orange juice like in the commercial. *sigh*

Everything i use to eat was pretty healthy - with the occasional fast food once in a blue moon. Pasta and rice dishes were always my fave, but now since i can only have 1/4 to 1/2 cup of rice or pasta per meal, whats the point of even making it?! And i eat so much cheese it's a total wonder i'm even able to poop!

I guess since i eat so many freakin' beans it evens out my bowels. - My husband's not very appreciative of beans though because since i've had to eat them so often now i've quickly become more comfortable with the free for all gas raids instead of holding it all in until i can find the sanctity of the bathroom and relaxing my butt cheeks enough to release the toxic fumes with little to no sound. Now there's a long sentence mixed with a bit'a too much information.

Although my toots in public have become very stealth (meaning i've gotten good at keeping them quiet plus i no longer giggle uncontrollably)... to the point where my husband actually wonders whether it was HE who let out the foul stench and didn't realize it. That makes me very proud of my pokertoot face! Hee hee!

And right now i'm very disgusted with myself that i've become accustomed to splenda alot faster than i thought i would. Mmmm... aftertaste!

So i got quite a surprise the other night. I started a part time job in the evenings so Rob's stuck at home alone with Pork and Beans (HA! Payback!) Because these 2 can get quite out of hand at times. The one thing that always bugged me was how Kermit was always soo incredibly upset every time Rob left, and how incredibly happy he was when Rob came home (even if i walked in the door with him, he'd run right past me like i was a bowl of salad. - I'd say chopped liver, but he'd probably stop and eat chopped liver) But i finally got to know what it's like to be Rob coming home again. Kermit freaked he was so happy i was there! And apparently he was upset that i was gone! He loves me! He really really loves me!

Alright well, off i go. Gotta go puncture myself and do a little blood letting.

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Not Your Average Mom said...

can I just say that I love you? Yeah, not in a freaky kinda way - but any girl that can freely blog about pokertoot face is a girl after my own heart.
I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD at this one. I totally needed to read this - you are awesome. Stinky, but awesome...
Lets go for a burger soon (sans bun)
Love T